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How To Start an Exercise Routine


Getting started with exercise isn’t easy if you’re not used to it. Putting together a routine requires some conditions so that you can do it with perseverance, that you don’t lose interest and that it adapts to your tastes and possibilities. That’s why it’s so common for people to enthusiastically start an exercise routine and then abandon it.

How To Start An Exercise Routine

We want to give you some indications that will help you know how to start an exercise routine and that you can continue it. wholeheartedly.

What do you need to start an exercise routine?

  •  Choose correctly what activity you will do.
  •  Appropriate clothing for that activity
  •  Company
  •  Commitment to yourself to deliver

Instructions for Starting an Exercise Routine

  1. The first thing we must do to achieve an exercise routine and not abandon it is to look for something that we really like, a sport or physical activity that gives us pleasure to practice it beyond the effort required to put it into practice. If it is difficult to maintain consistency in an exercise routine that we like, it will be much more difficult if we do not like the activity. Find the differences between exercising inside a gymnast or in nature and choose what you like best or fit best into your schedule
  2. Moderation is essential to start an exercise routine. You have time to increase the effort.
  3. Seek the company of another person or a group, this is very good to start with an exercise routine and create this healthy habit. Look for someone to accompany you, perhaps between the two of you can achieve more than each one separately. But beware! You must not depend on another to fulfill your purpose, you must be independent. If one day he can’t, don’t say, “Then I’m not going.”
  4. Starting a routine to lose weight is great but if you start it to feel better, for your health in general or because you want to change a sedentary lifestyle for movement and good habits, so much the better!
  5. The excuse that you don’t have time or you like gyms without being very stressed, subtract 20 minutes from your day to dedicate them to exercise and if you don’t like gyms look for a place where you like to practice sports and you see there walking, running or jumping, excuses are not valid.
  6. Be positive, a positive mindset always works best and will encourage you and help you exercise by improving mood and self-esteem.
  7. Starting something from scratch is always difficult but you will see how after a few weeks of exercising you get used to it and start to enjoy it, it is at that point where you have to incorporate the routine into your day to day to turn it into a routine that you will not leave.

Tips for Starting an Exercise Routine

  • Consult your doctor if you have any type of health problem, he or she will tell you which sports or physical activities are most appropriate for you.
  • Doing a sport will also allow you to meet new people and socialize, which will always result in a positive experience.
  • If you go to a gym, be sure to consult your trainer to get you the right routine.
  • Visit our category of cardio exercises and jogging to learn more about the practice of this sport and how to practice it.

How To Spinning at Home


Spinning is becoming a favorite way for many people to play sports. Spinning or cycling is an excellent way to exercise within a closed circuit, normally spinning consists of pedaling on an exercise bike alone or with more people while receiving orders from a professional instructor, it is effective in weight loss since it usually forces us to make many changes of pace and we work both pedaling sitting and pedaling standing.

How To Spinning At Home

Most commercial gyms are equipped with spin bikes and personalized classes with an instructor, but there are people who can’t or don’t want to go to the gym, people who don’t have a gym nearby, or people who can only go to classic gyms that don’t have this equipment, and this can be a problem…

But doncomos.com comes to the rescue, it is possible to practice spinning from home, it is not very complicated to do and it is just as effective as in the gym, so here are the instructions to be able to do it.

What do you need to practice spinning at home?

  •  An exercise bike prepared for spinning, now sold almost anywhere, the difference with conventional exercise bikes is that you can adjust the resistance better and you can stand comfortably.
  •  A monitor or television, this will be used to play the videos, if you use a monitor, you will see the videos through the computer, if you use the television then you can do it in several ways, if it is a smart TV, you can configure the television directly with an internet connection, and if the television is conventional, we can burn the videos to DVD or use a pen drive in a DTT receiver that reads videos.
  •  Space in your home, you obviously need enough space to put the TV in front of the bike.

Instructions for spinning at home

  1. Choose the bike:
    Choosing a suitable bike is very important, you need a special bike for spinning, they can be found in department stores, on the internet and in sports stores such as decatlon. Don’t be afraid to make a good investment as a good bike will give you a better exercise experience and last longer, once purchased, adjust the pedals, handlebars and saddle to your height and size.
  2. Bestcycling.es:
    It’s an excellent page full of specialized instructors, it has both spinning classes and classes with elliptical rowing machines, it has both beginner and advanced classes, each one different from the last. It is a company that knows how to play well with sounds and that will make you a very enjoyable class, I recommend it personally. To begin with, register on bestcycling.es, once registered you can choose between downloading the free classes, or for only 5 euros per month having access to all the classes of the program.

Tips for spinning at home

  • Check with your doctor: If you have any cardiovascular disease, respiratory disease or think you have any ailment related to your physical or cardiovascular capacity, ask your doctor beforehand, tell him or her your situation and the doctor will advise you if you can perform the exercise or not. Also, if you are an elderly person or have never done sports you should also ask your GP.
  • Start with the basics: Spinning classes need stamina, so it’s best to start with the simple level to get to grips with it, don’t start with the advanced ones or you’ll get discouraged too soon.
  • Adjust the height of the bike well: This is crucial, as too high a height can make it difficult to reach the pedals and too low a height can cause us to have too much trouble pedaling seated, so adjust the handlebars and saddle to the height of your hip, you must also tighten the saddle and handlebars as otherwise it could come loose.
  • Good technique: The correct technique is ideal to avoid problems in the long run, first we must pedal with our feet flat to the ground, to avoid damage to the knee, then we must have our wrists straight and without tension, third when standing we must change the grip of the hands, when we are seated the hands go to the center of the handlebars, when we are up, they go to the sides of the handlebars. Also keep your back straight and neck free of tension and above all feel comfortable.

How To Select a Spinning Bike


Spinning is a sport or activity that is becoming very popular in gyms. Spinning consists of a cardio exercise in which you pedal on an exercise bike following the instructions of a specialized instructor.

How To Select A Spinning Bike

But to perform spinning is not just any bike, a good spinning session has to include changes of pace, changes in the rolling resistance of the bike, standing sections and seated sections. That is why we need a good spinning bike that allows us to do all this and that a conventional exercise bike cannot.

A good spinning bike not only provides the possibility of pedaling standing and sitting and changing the resistance, but it is comfortable, offers very wide resistance ranges to adapt to the user, is light to be able to be placed in the right place and allows pedaling ergonomically without injury and allowing the user to be comfortable throughout the session since the pedals can be adjusted. the saddle and handlebars.

But. Where and how can I find a bike with these ideal features for this activity? If you are thinking of spinning at home or you are the owner of a sports center or gym that wants to include this activity in its portfolio of activities, you have come to the right place. From doncomos.com we are going to offer you some tips to choose the best spinning bike on earth.

What do you need to select a spin bike?

  •  Have good observation skills, you must be able to identify a good bike.
  •  To be able to perform this activity, spinning is a cardiovascular activity with changes of pace and that requires a certain physical endurance, if you have doubts consult your doctor.
  •  Gain from doing sports and enjoy yourself.

Instructions for Selecting a Spin Bike

  1. Where to start looking?
    The place to look for the bicycle is one of the first questions that comes to mind, since we want to get to the point and not look in places where there are no bicycles. Spin bikes will be found on the internet, in specialist shops such as Decathlon or on websites such as the official BH store.
  2. Take a good look at the bike you are going to buy:
    Do not confuse a spinning bike with an ordinary exercise bike. The spin bike is easily recognizable by certain features: first they have more resistance than common bicycles, second they allow pedaling standing comfortably and without breaking the bike, they usually have an inertia wheel that moves in the air, they allow you to adjust pedals, handlebars and saddle for an experience without discomfort or injury, They are made of stainless and anti-corrosive materials that withstand sweat and have a resistance system that is regulated very well and very widely. You need to buy a bike that meets all of the above.
  3. Cheap is expensive:
    Even if they are more expensive, don’t be afraid to choose big brands for this activity. A bike that is too cheap could break down or cause injury, don’t be afraid to look for big brands like BH and spend a little more on the bike, in the long run you will win.
  4. Extras:
    Although it is an optional option, many bikes come with the possibility of including some extra devices inside them. From heart rate monitors, radios, calorie counters to small screens for watching TV or spinning videos, we have all types. If you are a person with tachycardias or arrhythmias, we recommend heart rate monitors.
  5. To work:
    After they bring the bike to your home or gym (it’s the best option to avoid damage), we need to start working. Adjust the handlebars and saddle to the height of your cader, adjust the pedals and test the bike to see if it is comfortable for you. If you are a gym instructor, we recommend that you give some instructions to clients on postures and positioning on the bike to avoid greater evils.

Tips for Selecting a Spin Bike

  • Maintenance: Certain bikes require maintenance, check that everything is working, clean the bike often, check the condition of the frame, pedals, flywheel and handlebars. If it breaks down, take the bike home, some offer a free warranty and repair service. If you own a gym, ask the members how well the bike works for them and if there are any breakdowns or faults, so you can easily correct them.

How To Run Without Getting Tired


If you’ve been paying attention during your last few walks in the city or in the countryside, you’ll have noticed, without a doubt, that running is very fashionable. Running is a perfect activity for all those who want to get in shape as it allows you to do aerobic exercise spending very little money. The only thing you need to do to go for a run is to buy good shoes – this point is essential – and appropriate clothing.

How To Run Without Getting Tired

The rest of the accessories are totally dispensable. Now, if you’ve never tried to run before, after the first two minutes you’ll be exhausted and wondering how people manage to run without getting tired. The key to running without getting tired is gradual training. When it comes to starting to run, you have to do it little by little and following a logical and calm training plan.

You must keep in mind at all times that you are not competing against anyone and that what you do you do is to feel better physically and mentally. If you want to know more about how to run without getting tired, keep reading, below we offer you all the keys.

What do you need to run without getting tired?

  •  Suitable Slippers
  •  Comfortable clothing

Instructions for Running Without Getting Tired

  1. Before going for a run, you should buy the necessary equipment. Running is one of the sports that requires the least equipment. You can wear any type of sportswear you feel comfortable with, it doesn’t matter if it’s tight or loose clothing, the important thing is that you feel good in it and that it doesn’t bother you when running. The main point you should pay the most attention to is the sneakers. This is a truly worthwhile investment. Buy shoes with good cushioning to take care of your joints at all times. Cushioning is essential, especially when you’re going to run on asphalt. 
  2. Stretch. Many people don’t pay attention to this point from which they start running and in the long run, it can be a problem. Stretching allows you to prepare your body for the effort you are going to make. If your body is ready, you will be able to run without getting so tired. A few short stretches will improve your practice considerably.
  3. When running, you should start by jogging very gently. When you’re not used to running, you can get tired in two different ways. The first of these is physical and muscular fatigue. Your body is not used to making that effort and your muscles notice it and get tired very quickly. To avoid physical fatigue, you must train and strengthen your muscles. The best way to do this is to intersperse running with doing another type of physical activity such as lifting weights or doing a strength sport such as CrossFit. Doing other types of sports such as swimming or yoga will also help you strengthen your muscles and make them more resistant to running.
  4. The other form of tiredness you may experience when running is related to breathing. A few minutes after you start running, you will notice that you are short of breath and have difficulty breathing. There are several ways to deal with this problem. You should try to increase your lung capacity and for this you can do meditation exercises or do hypopressive sit-ups, which will help you in this regard. But the best thing you can do is keep running. Stick to a running plan and alternate several minutes of running and walking. To start, you can do it by running for two minutes and walking for one. If you do this for one week, you’ll find that the next week you can run for longer without feeling that choking sensation. Gradually lengthen the periods during which you run and walk less and less until you are able to run for about twenty minutes at a time without getting tired. 
  5. Don’t be discouraged. If you follow the tips, we have given you above, you will discover that in a few weeks you will be able to run without getting tired for longer. Constant practice will allow you to adapt to the sport and have more and more endurance.

Tips for running without getting tired

  • Go for a run together. By going for a run with more people you will be more motivated and encouraged and you will go out for a run with more enthusiasm. Try to go for a run with people who are at your level or at your pace.

How To Return to Training After Childbirth


For many women, pregnancy means stopping sports activities or at least having to slow down the pace of training, this is normal because the priority is the child who is gestating and many questions, insecurities and fears arise that make sport take a back seat. Once the baby is born, training can be resumed, but it is necessary to know how. Both during pregnancy and after childbirth, the woman must slow down the pace of training and reach the usual level will take a certain amount of time, which will largely depend on each woman.

How To Return To Training After Childbirth

Pregnancy and childbirth are a very big hormonal imbalance that affects the whole body, and therefore it is necessary to know how to advance little by little in terms of sports activity.

In this article, we’ll give you some tips so you know how to get back into training after childbirth.

What do you need to get back to training after childbirth?

  •  Patience to get back to the usual rhythm
  •  Go for walks
  •  Do sit-ups
  •  Bicycle or elliptical cross trainer
  •  Aerobics

Instructions for retraining after childbirth

  1. After childbirth, the body must adapt again to the activity and this must be done slowly and gently. You can start with walks, short walks, some swimming, but avoiding overexertion. It is not advisable to train with weights and loads at all. The basic recommendation is patience. We’re not going to get our fitness or training pace back in a short amount of time.
  2. In the first few days after childbirth, the only recommended physical activity is light walking. In any case, and always after the doctor’s authorization, we can start doing some very gentle swimming.
  3. To return to training after childbirth, deadlines are very important, even if it seems that everything goes slowly, we have to meet them. Two months after giving birth, we will have to do more intense exercises to strengthen the muscles of the thighs and waist, which have lost the most tone during pregnancy. This type of activity should last about a month.
  4. Already in the second month it is important that the organs return to their place, and for this it is necessary that we strengthen the internal area of the pelvis. One way to achieve this is by doing crunches that strengthen the inner pelvic area. You can also start strengthening your legs.
  5. Once we have strengthened the pelvic area, we will move on to strengthening the part of the waist and thighs that have suffered quite a bit with pregnancy. To do this, what we will do is perform exercises for the waist and legs, especially the inner thighs, the abductors are a part to strengthen in the second or third month after giving birth. Abdominal work is essential in this phase to regain the firmness of the belly and tone this part of the body.
  6. About 4 months after childbirth, we will be able to focus on aerobic exercise. Once the muscles are back in toning, we can put our metabolism to work through gentle aerobic exercise such as cycling or elliptical to get our body used to this type of activity again and thus lose the possible extra kilos that we have gained in the weeks of pregnancy.
  7. It will take about five months for the muscles to return to what they were, so it is necessary that we have patience and know how to respect the times when training. After this time, we can return to the sport and demand more of ourselves.

Tips for Returning to Training After Childbirth

  • Consult your doctor to make sure you can start exercising
  • We should never just jump into sports, but we must take into account the times.

How To Relieve Tired Legs


Tired or fatigued legs is one of the most common ailments nowadays and this is how the legs are mainly found thanks to poor circulation. This is one of the causes, but this is not the only one, but in addition to it we have others such as genetic factors, or the age we have, sex, since women are more prone, but this does not mean that men do not suffer from tired legs.

How To Relieve Tired Legs

The whole process of tired legs occurs when not enough blood reaches the blood vessels and hence there are also quite annoying pains, swelling, fluid retention in the ankles, but it should always be said that although in cosmos.es we can give some guidelines for its relief, if that pain is very strong and is accompanied by factors such as a young age, Strange tingling, redness, it is important that if we feel pain like this we go to the family doctor, since we may be facing a case of phlebitis and it is something much more severe.

For all these reasons, we will talk about what measures we can take to deal with these discomforts of tired legs, going from things that we can do in our day to day, such as what we should avoid above all if what we really want is that, to be as fresh as possible and take care of those tired legs.
It is curious the amount of things we can do, not only in terms of movements, but also when it comes to eating because “we are what we eat” and if in addition to all this we can know certain “tricks” that make it easier, all the better.

From observing the control of our posture and looking through it will make us enjoy fantastic legs, although there will be things like a sedentary life that depends on many circumstances and the effort of each one in their improvement and relief. If we say this, it is because being overweight goes against our legs and makes them much more tired and resentful when they endure it.

In the above we can avoid many things, but in circumstances such as pregnancy or mood that also affect the health of the legs, we only have to apply those healing home remedies and equip ourselves with a lot of patience and perseverance.

The basic pillar for lighter legs is sport and given the sedentary life it is not easy to start, but with 30 minutes to spare and here we have some guidelines to stretch those areas that resist us, the hamstrings are a set of muscles located at the back of the leg between the buttock and the knee that if we manage to stretch them will help us relieve tired legs.

Instructions for Relieving Tired Legs

  1. Exercise or at least walk for at least half an hour a day. It doesn’t have to be running, walking at a moderate pace is enough. You don’t have to be walking non-stop all day, because the cure will be worse than the disease. What you have to do is get enough exercise to activate your circulation.
  2. Change your diet a bit if you overindulge in starches, sugars, and other foods that can clog those blood vessels or cause you to gain weight if you’re already over your ideal weight. So, drink more water and fiber and cut back on salt, caffeine, alcohol, and cigarettes if you smoke. Although we don’t realize it, if we eat a lot of saturated fats, the blood will be much thicker and this will make the legs have to move with less circulation and more weight, so it will cost more and on top of that, we will end up more tired.
  3. It prevents excess flaccidity in the body, but just like this, it also prevents excess muscles. Keep in mind that all excess is bad and the sweet spot is the middle. If the legs are flabby and the body is also flabby, we will have to lift more weight, so having a more or less fibered skin will make it easier to retain fluids and it will be easier to rest them.
  4. Massage especially in the evenings upwards from the ankle down with your legs up. If you can’t do it, it’s best to have someone else do it for you and enjoy that moment while you’re at it. In this article we have put a type of massage that you can do yourself or that will activate the circulation in such a way that you can rest better since if you bear the weight all day your legs will be very tired and swollen.
  5. Use a sole of no more than 2-3 cm, as heels are also the direct enemies of tired legs and make them greatly worse. If you wear very high heels, keep in mind that as we have said before, you will have to bear more weight, the posture will be different and the feet will suffer so much that this will be reflected in your legs and they will get more tired. It is also bad to have a poor sole because we will hurt ourselves, so this will be basic when taking into account the style of shoe to use.

What do you need to relieve tired legs?

  •  A little time to walk.
  •  Eat foods rich in potassium.
  •  Garlic.
  •  Horse chestnut.
  •  Avoid flaccidity in the body.
  •  Massages.
  •  Cold gels.
  •  Compression stockings prescribed by the Doctor.

Tips for Relieving Tired Legs

  • Use home remedies or grandma’s calls, for example mixing the thrombocid cream with our normal body milk and applying it to give us those circulatory massages. We can also use rosemary oil.
  • Avoid tight garments of any kind, whether pants, socks, any garment that squeezes our legs.
  • Avoid heat sources right towards our legs, hot wax is also harmful to legs with ailments, sun exposure (excess heat and cold).
  • Alternate hot and cold water in the shower and finish by giving the legs cold water.
  • Perform massages, if possible, at night and always with your legs up if possible.
  • Sleeping with your legs up or a little higher than the rest of your body will be a great ally for your tired legs. If we are seated, we can prop them up on a chair.
  • Avoid always having the same posture, as it is harmful and if, for example, our work is sedentary or being at home, then there will always be solutions such as walking around the house, going to the bathroom.
  • Try to maintain the weight you have and not tend to gain weight, since as we have said before, excess weight affects our tired legs.
  • Do not cross your legs if you work long hours sitting in the same position.
  • Change your mood, see if you are sad, anxious, worried, and try to relax.
  • If the pain is very strong, acute and already bothersome too much and does not calm down, go immediately to the doctor to send us a treatment according to what we may be suffering.

How To Prepare for Trail Running


Known to all, trail running is a very good sport for physical and mental health that involves a continuous running exercise, but applied to places that involve a lot of effort and training since it is especially practiced in mountain areas without leaving aside the plain. Especially for people who love nature, outdoor living, and big challenges. Going up a mountain on a trail, then descending them, usually accompanied by other fans of this activity, implies a challenge against one’s own environment, although the inner struggle prevails, as it happens in any type of race. Good physical preparation is needed since running and climbing slopes requires a good physical condition.

How To Prepare For Trail Running

It is usually thought that trail running is a sport that has its origin in those ancestors who had to cross rivers and mountains, long and flat expanses to hunt and thus obtain food and shelter. Today it is only done for pleasure and to practice something immersed in nature In Doncomos.com we want to teach you how to prepare for trail running.

What do you need to prepare for trail running?

  •  Patience to adapt the body to the effort required
  •  Equipment: appropriate hiking shoes, appropriate clothing, sunglasses, hat.

Instructions to prepare for trail running

  1. It is very important to have a good physical preparation that you can achieve with good cardiovascular exercises and jogging
  2. To do this activity you need, first of all, a positive attitude and good training because going up and down mountains with rhythm is not for everyone. If you are going to start doing it, consult your doctor and surely after a complete check-up he will recommend you to do it patiently, little by little. This activity, going up and down mountains, requires a good physical tone as well as a lot of positive attitudes. Each person has their own ways of training and adaptation is not the same for everyone since experience influences a lot as well as physical condition, age, etc. Those who do not have much experience need a lot of patience until the body can adapt to the sacrifice that this sport requires and the muscles get used to the effort.
  3. This sport combines two others: running and mountaineering, activities that alone require good training and physical preparation. By combining them, different efforts and techniques will appear. The rugged terrain on which this sport takes place suggests applying the effort gradually until you manage to acquire the right one and be able to start enjoying it to the fullest.
  4. This sport has the particularity of not being practiced at a competitive level or to earn money but simply as a self-challenge in the company of other people, this activity does not have championships and regulations. However, even without competitive purposes, every runner should take special care of their race pace as well as wear appropriate clothing.
  5. As you can imagine, the ascents involve more wear and tear, while the descents are less wear and tear, but you run more danger, so you have to learn to manage your muscles well. For this it is necessary to work the abs very well, this would allow you to regulate the ascents and descents well. The relief and in a certain way rest in the flat parts, these allow you to recover and enjoy the landscape.
  6. One of the important things for trail running is to eat and drink properly. For this there are specific rules such as having a few doses of food and drink, since this discipline is very demanding on a physical levelEating and drinking helps maintain control over the body. Your trail running team must bring the right and necessary food and drinks as they will accompany you all the time.
  7. Basically, a mountain runner needs shoes suitable for this sport, for walking and running among the stones, also clothing that protects him against the cold and heat, that absorbs perspiration and that is very comfortable and light. Also, sunglasses and a hat.

Tips to prepare for trail running

  • If you are going to start with this activity, consult your doctor to make sure that you are in good condition to withstand the required effort.

How To Practice Yoga Daily


I’m sure you remember the day you tried this activity, either because you saw it online or because you went to the gym with a friend and tried it. Yoga is an activity that you loved and wanted to repeat.

How To Practice Yoga Daily

However, then hundreds of things happened that didn’t let you do yoga peacefully, such as the responsibility of going to work, taking care of the kids, spending time with your friends or leisure time. In the end you gave it up and now you only practice it very occasionally.

I recommend that you return to the practice of this activity, since among its many benefits we have an improvement in flexibility, an improvement in lung capacity and even an improvement in strength in some exercises.

You’re also going to learn meditation, you’re going to learn to be at peace with yourself and most importantly, you’re going to be able to relieve all that day-to-day stress by practicing a little yoga every day.

Also, this activity is not an activity that is going to take you all day, since at most it is going to take you an hour every day and I honestly don’t believe that you can’t take an hour every day of your time to do it.

If you want to start enjoying peace of mind, good physical condition and practice a healthy, spiritual and even social activity, return to this sport, and do it every day.

If you want to go back to practicing yoga every day, you’re in the right place, which is as always, the sports section of doncomos.com. Here you will learn, step by step, how to practice yoga daily.

What do you need to practice yoga on a daily basis?

  •  Yoga material.
  •  Knowledge of yoga.
  •  Space for yoga.

Instructions for Practicing Yoga Daily

  1. Choose a schedule:
    First of all, organization is not only key to family and work success, but it is also key to being able to take an hour of your time every day to practice yoga. That feeling that we don’t have time is usually because we don’t know how to manage it properly, so in the end we don’t do anything and we’ve wasted a lot of time. The way to do this is to make a schedule every day, in which you put activities such as work and cleaning the house first, then other activities such as going with friends or taking care of your children if you have them, and then leisure activities. Pick a time of day that suits you and that you feel like and mark it in red as your yoga hour.
  2. Choose a place to practice it:
    If you are going to do it in a specialized center you will not have any problem with this, since those places are usually quiet and the atmosphere usually accompanies, the bad thing is when you do it at home. If you have children, you’re going to see how they’re going to make too much noise and prevent you from concentrating on doing yoga. This can be avoided by talking to them so they don’t scream during that hour you do yoga. As for the place, choose a quiet place, which is synonymous with meditation, such as the patio of your house, the beach or on top of a cliff. Wherever it is, make sure that the place is ideal for doing it, that is, that it is a quiet place with enough space.
  3. Try to be a little better every day:
    Yoga is a sport, and like any sport, it’s no fun if you don’t try to improve every day. Many people practice yoga but don’t try to improve, which is not too good for them. What happens is that if you don’t try to improve, your progress is going to stagnate, you’re going to get frustrated and you’re going to stop doing yoga again, something that you definitely don’t want to happen again. For this reason, always try to surpass yourself and make yourself a little better every day, at your own pace and little by little, slowly and with good lyrics and slowly but surely.
  4. Don’t leave it:
    By this I mean that I don’t want excuses, because when you have created the schedule, you have surely seen how you can take plenty of time to practice yoga every day of your life. The bad thing is that maybe one day you can’t and you lose the habit. Try not to let this happen because surely if you leave it for more than a week, it will be very difficult for you to get back into the habit of returning to yoga, so always try to do the hour of yoga unless there is force majeure (in that case at least try to change the schedule to do it), since an hour of yoga a day is synonymous with both physical and mental health.

Tips for Practicing Yoga Daily

  • Other activities: In the sports section of doncomos.com we talk about other activities such as football, basketball, and other fitness sports.

How To Practice Laughter Yoga


Laughter Yoga is an activity or trend that is becoming more and more fashionable around the world due to its originality and fun sense of humor.

How To Practice Laughter Yoga

Laughter yoga is a new sport, recently created and has been created with the aim of putting a smile on your face in a society where due to the crisis and the problems that exist, it seems that we have forgotten to smile.

This type of yoga exists because there are people who believe that laughter has many beneficial properties for human beings, such as having better health, releasing endorphins of happiness and letting go of the emotions that you have stored inside you.

Whether or not these statements are true, it is true that we could all use it to disconnect from time to time and go back to being for a few moments that little boy who laughed about everything and whose only concern was to play football and worry about how to get the girls to like him.

I truly believe that this type of therapy is necessary, because in a world full of bills to pay, evictions and murders, it is good to remember why human beings are extraordinary.

The fact is that more and more people are practicing laughter yoga, a list of people that is getting bigger and bigger every day. There are already more than 4000 centers around the world and the number of them continues to grow every year.

If you want to learn how to practice this type of yoga, from the sports section of doncomos.com we are going to teach you everything you need to know to start practicing laughter yoga and finally start enjoying life.

What do you need to practice Laughter Yoga?

  •  Desire to have fun and have fun.
  •  Put shame aside.

Instructions for Practicing Laughter Yoga

  1. On your own:
    Practicing Laughter Yoga on your own is not as easy or fun as doing it in a group, however, it can be a way to get in touch with this activity. Usually, you start with a kind of warm-up that consists of starting to applaud yourself and move your hands from side to side, and then start laughing by yourself without stopping. Once you have done this, you should do some exercises such as the lion’s laugh, which consists of making a playful face with your hands and tongue while laughing. Also use breathing exercises to de-stress, as this is still yoga. If you want to learn more Laughter Yoga exercises, the internet has a lot of information about them, so don’t hesitate to search.
  2. Go to a Laughter Yoga center:
    Although in Spain there are still not too many centers of this type, in large cities like Madrid you can easily find laughter yoga centers. You should go to Google and use keywords such as “laughter therapy”, “laughter yoga” or “laughter yoga group” to be able to find somewhere where this fun activity takes place. You must put shame aside to go, because before long you will be like a little child laughing in front of other people and doing exercises and lazy laughter that if you saw someone doing them outside of laughter yoga, you would think they were stupid. Give it a try and do the exercises that the instructors tell you, you will see how it is one of the best experiences of your life.
  3. Have fun:
    Laughter yoga is useless if one thing doesn’t happen, which is that you go to the laughter yoga event with positivity. If you’re going to laugh but deep down, you’re not having a good time, the therapy isn’t going to work properly and it’s not going to bring you the benefits that laughter yoga always does. The trick is to be relaxed, without getting nervous, without demanding anything from yourself and taking into account that you are a child again. During the time you are doing laughter yoga, forget about the bills, that promotion you don’t get or the children, there is only you and your inner self, your little inner self that wants to come out of its shell and be happy again. Let your inner self dominate you and you will be happy again practicing laughter yoga.

Tips for Practicing Laughter Yoga

  • The other type of yoga: If you are too serious about laughter yoga, perhaps you should try the other type of yoga, with which you will improve your breathing, your flexibility and your strength. In other doncomos.com articles we teach you everything you need to know about the most standard type of yoga that exists, visit those articles and you will be informed, as always.

How To Play Sports for Fun


As we know, many people when it comes to physical exercise are obsessed with achieving certain results, they need to achieve their goals by any means. In this way, sport can be seen as one more cause for feeling stressed. That is why it is important to do physical activity from a different perspective, trying to make it beneficial for both physical and mental health. That’s why today in doncomos.com, we’re going to teach you how to do sports for fun and thus be consistent in your physical activity. Start!

How To Play Sports For Fun

What do you need to do sports for fun?

  •  Taking Physical Activity with Humor
  •  Be prepared to find new friends in the place where we play sports

Instructions for doing sports for fun

  1. When we do physical activity, it is important that we do not take it as a way to achieve goals, such as losing weight or gaining muscle mass, because if we take it this way it can happen that we get frustrated when we do not see the results in the short term and we will end up abandoning it. The important thing is that we take it with humor and that we see physical activity as a way to stay well, both physically and mentally. It’s about making you feel content, feeling happy and feeling that this activity is to relax your mind and open it to other possibilities.
  2. When we exercise, we can make it much easier and more fun if we practice it in a sports center, where we can meet friends or other colleagues, make new friends and thus socialize to spend a pleasant time during our period of physical activity.
  3. If we have time availability, it is convenient that we sign up for classes with a fixed schedule, where we always meet the same people whenever we go. In this way, the months will pass and we will have friends, so we will never want to stop that activity because we will know that in addition to doing good to our body, we will be doing good to the mind.
  4. There are many activities that are between sports and dancing These activities are very fun but they are also very demanding from a physical point of view, so it is important to have a lot of strength to do it but also to have fun as much as possible. This type of activity is usually done with music in the background because it plays a very important role, it helps to cope with tiredness. An example of this type of physical activity is Zumba.
  5. It often happens that we go crazy because one day in the week we can’t go to the gym or because we can’t go to that game we want to play so much. If this is what happens to you, try to reverse it, because if we overexert ourselves in the activity and we cannot do it, it will lead us to failure and we will end up abandoning that physical activity forever. In addition, this way you will stop having fun and start taking a routine.
  6. There are many activities that are just right to do in a group, and some also in the countryside or at least far from the city. This is essential for them to be fun and out of the ordinary, out of the daily routine. Two of these activities are cycling and hiking, in almost all cities group outings are organized on some weekends. If you want to have fun and get some exercise, you can sign up. This way you will also find people who want to have fun and make friends like you.
  7. Never forget that sport brings physical health, but if there is no mental health, it is useless. That’s why we advise you that when you do physical activity you always do something that you really like and enjoy.
  8. Visit the fitness category to learn how to practice fitness and get the most out of fitness

Tips for doing sports for fun

If you think you are a somewhat shy or introverted person, you can opt for the option of doing this type of physical activity with a friend or a friend, this way you will feel more comfortable and you will surely find more people to have fun with during that activity.