How To Prepare for Trail Running

How To Prepare For Trail Running

Known to all, trail running is a very good sport for physical and mental health that involves a continuous running exercise, but applied to places that involve a lot of effort and training since it is especially practiced in mountain areas without leaving aside the plain. Especially for people who love nature, outdoor living, and big challenges. Going up a mountain on a trail, then descending them, usually accompanied by other fans of this activity, implies a challenge against one’s own environment, although the inner struggle prevails, as it happens in any type of race. Good physical preparation is needed since running and climbing slopes requires a good physical condition.

How To Prepare For Trail Running

It is usually thought that trail running is a sport that has its origin in those ancestors who had to cross rivers and mountains, long and flat expanses to hunt and thus obtain food and shelter. Today it is only done for pleasure and to practice something immersed in nature In we want to teach you how to prepare for trail running.

What do you need to prepare for trail running?

  •  Patience to adapt the body to the effort required
  •  Equipment: appropriate hiking shoes, appropriate clothing, sunglasses, hat.

Instructions to prepare for trail running

  1. It is very important to have a good physical preparation that you can achieve with good cardiovascular exercises and jogging
  2. To do this activity you need, first of all, a positive attitude and good training because going up and down mountains with rhythm is not for everyone. If you are going to start doing it, consult your doctor and surely after a complete check-up he will recommend you to do it patiently, little by little. This activity, going up and down mountains, requires a good physical tone as well as a lot of positive attitudes. Each person has their own ways of training and adaptation is not the same for everyone since experience influences a lot as well as physical condition, age, etc. Those who do not have much experience need a lot of patience until the body can adapt to the sacrifice that this sport requires and the muscles get used to the effort.
  3. This sport combines two others: running and mountaineering, activities that alone require good training and physical preparation. By combining them, different efforts and techniques will appear. The rugged terrain on which this sport takes place suggests applying the effort gradually until you manage to acquire the right one and be able to start enjoying it to the fullest.
  4. This sport has the particularity of not being practiced at a competitive level or to earn money but simply as a self-challenge in the company of other people, this activity does not have championships and regulations. However, even without competitive purposes, every runner should take special care of their race pace as well as wear appropriate clothing.
  5. As you can imagine, the ascents involve more wear and tear, while the descents are less wear and tear, but you run more danger, so you have to learn to manage your muscles well. For this it is necessary to work the abs very well, this would allow you to regulate the ascents and descents well. The relief and in a certain way rest in the flat parts, these allow you to recover and enjoy the landscape.
  6. One of the important things for trail running is to eat and drink properly. For this there are specific rules such as having a few doses of food and drink, since this discipline is very demanding on a physical levelEating and drinking helps maintain control over the body. Your trail running team must bring the right and necessary food and drinks as they will accompany you all the time.
  7. Basically, a mountain runner needs shoes suitable for this sport, for walking and running among the stones, also clothing that protects him against the cold and heat, that absorbs perspiration and that is very comfortable and light. Also, sunglasses and a hat.

Tips to prepare for trail running

  • If you are going to start with this activity, consult your doctor to make sure that you are in good condition to withstand the required effort.


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