How To Select a Spinning Bike

How To Select A Spinning Bike

Spinning is a sport or activity that is becoming very popular in gyms. Spinning consists of a cardio exercise in which you pedal on an exercise bike following the instructions of a specialized instructor.

How To Select A Spinning Bike

But to perform spinning is not just any bike, a good spinning session has to include changes of pace, changes in the rolling resistance of the bike, standing sections and seated sections. That is why we need a good spinning bike that allows us to do all this and that a conventional exercise bike cannot.

A good spinning bike not only provides the possibility of pedaling standing and sitting and changing the resistance, but it is comfortable, offers very wide resistance ranges to adapt to the user, is light to be able to be placed in the right place and allows pedaling ergonomically without injury and allowing the user to be comfortable throughout the session since the pedals can be adjusted. the saddle and handlebars.

But. Where and how can I find a bike with these ideal features for this activity? If you are thinking of spinning at home or you are the owner of a sports center or gym that wants to include this activity in its portfolio of activities, you have come to the right place. From we are going to offer you some tips to choose the best spinning bike on earth.

What do you need to select a spin bike?

  •  Have good observation skills, you must be able to identify a good bike.
  •  To be able to perform this activity, spinning is a cardiovascular activity with changes of pace and that requires a certain physical endurance, if you have doubts consult your doctor.
  •  Gain from doing sports and enjoy yourself.

Instructions for Selecting a Spin Bike

  1. Where to start looking?
    The place to look for the bicycle is one of the first questions that comes to mind, since we want to get to the point and not look in places where there are no bicycles. Spin bikes will be found on the internet, in specialist shops such as Decathlon or on websites such as the official BH store.
  2. Take a good look at the bike you are going to buy:
    Do not confuse a spinning bike with an ordinary exercise bike. The spin bike is easily recognizable by certain features: first they have more resistance than common bicycles, second they allow pedaling standing comfortably and without breaking the bike, they usually have an inertia wheel that moves in the air, they allow you to adjust pedals, handlebars and saddle for an experience without discomfort or injury, They are made of stainless and anti-corrosive materials that withstand sweat and have a resistance system that is regulated very well and very widely. You need to buy a bike that meets all of the above.
  3. Cheap is expensive:
    Even if they are more expensive, don’t be afraid to choose big brands for this activity. A bike that is too cheap could break down or cause injury, don’t be afraid to look for big brands like BH and spend a little more on the bike, in the long run you will win.
  4. Extras:
    Although it is an optional option, many bikes come with the possibility of including some extra devices inside them. From heart rate monitors, radios, calorie counters to small screens for watching TV or spinning videos, we have all types. If you are a person with tachycardias or arrhythmias, we recommend heart rate monitors.
  5. To work:
    After they bring the bike to your home or gym (it’s the best option to avoid damage), we need to start working. Adjust the handlebars and saddle to the height of your cader, adjust the pedals and test the bike to see if it is comfortable for you. If you are a gym instructor, we recommend that you give some instructions to clients on postures and positioning on the bike to avoid greater evils.

Tips for Selecting a Spin Bike

  • Maintenance: Certain bikes require maintenance, check that everything is working, clean the bike often, check the condition of the frame, pedals, flywheel and handlebars. If it breaks down, take the bike home, some offer a free warranty and repair service. If you own a gym, ask the members how well the bike works for them and if there are any breakdowns or faults, so you can easily correct them.


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