How To Relieve Tired Legs

How To Relieve Tired Legs

Tired or fatigued legs is one of the most common ailments nowadays and this is how the legs are mainly found thanks to poor circulation. This is one of the causes, but this is not the only one, but in addition to it we have others such as genetic factors, or the age we have, sex, since women are more prone, but this does not mean that men do not suffer from tired legs.

How To Relieve Tired Legs

The whole process of tired legs occurs when not enough blood reaches the blood vessels and hence there are also quite annoying pains, swelling, fluid retention in the ankles, but it should always be said that although in we can give some guidelines for its relief, if that pain is very strong and is accompanied by factors such as a young age, Strange tingling, redness, it is important that if we feel pain like this we go to the family doctor, since we may be facing a case of phlebitis and it is something much more severe.

For all these reasons, we will talk about what measures we can take to deal with these discomforts of tired legs, going from things that we can do in our day to day, such as what we should avoid above all if what we really want is that, to be as fresh as possible and take care of those tired legs.
It is curious the amount of things we can do, not only in terms of movements, but also when it comes to eating because “we are what we eat” and if in addition to all this we can know certain “tricks” that make it easier, all the better.

From observing the control of our posture and looking through it will make us enjoy fantastic legs, although there will be things like a sedentary life that depends on many circumstances and the effort of each one in their improvement and relief. If we say this, it is because being overweight goes against our legs and makes them much more tired and resentful when they endure it.

In the above we can avoid many things, but in circumstances such as pregnancy or mood that also affect the health of the legs, we only have to apply those healing home remedies and equip ourselves with a lot of patience and perseverance.

The basic pillar for lighter legs is sport and given the sedentary life it is not easy to start, but with 30 minutes to spare and here we have some guidelines to stretch those areas that resist us, the hamstrings are a set of muscles located at the back of the leg between the buttock and the knee that if we manage to stretch them will help us relieve tired legs.

Instructions for Relieving Tired Legs

  1. Exercise or at least walk for at least half an hour a day. It doesn’t have to be running, walking at a moderate pace is enough. You don’t have to be walking non-stop all day, because the cure will be worse than the disease. What you have to do is get enough exercise to activate your circulation.
  2. Change your diet a bit if you overindulge in starches, sugars, and other foods that can clog those blood vessels or cause you to gain weight if you’re already over your ideal weight. So, drink more water and fiber and cut back on salt, caffeine, alcohol, and cigarettes if you smoke. Although we don’t realize it, if we eat a lot of saturated fats, the blood will be much thicker and this will make the legs have to move with less circulation and more weight, so it will cost more and on top of that, we will end up more tired.
  3. It prevents excess flaccidity in the body, but just like this, it also prevents excess muscles. Keep in mind that all excess is bad and the sweet spot is the middle. If the legs are flabby and the body is also flabby, we will have to lift more weight, so having a more or less fibered skin will make it easier to retain fluids and it will be easier to rest them.
  4. Massage especially in the evenings upwards from the ankle down with your legs up. If you can’t do it, it’s best to have someone else do it for you and enjoy that moment while you’re at it. In this article we have put a type of massage that you can do yourself or that will activate the circulation in such a way that you can rest better since if you bear the weight all day your legs will be very tired and swollen.
  5. Use a sole of no more than 2-3 cm, as heels are also the direct enemies of tired legs and make them greatly worse. If you wear very high heels, keep in mind that as we have said before, you will have to bear more weight, the posture will be different and the feet will suffer so much that this will be reflected in your legs and they will get more tired. It is also bad to have a poor sole because we will hurt ourselves, so this will be basic when taking into account the style of shoe to use.

What do you need to relieve tired legs?

  •  A little time to walk.
  •  Eat foods rich in potassium.
  •  Garlic.
  •  Horse chestnut.
  •  Avoid flaccidity in the body.
  •  Massages.
  •  Cold gels.
  •  Compression stockings prescribed by the Doctor.

Tips for Relieving Tired Legs

  • Use home remedies or grandma’s calls, for example mixing the thrombocid cream with our normal body milk and applying it to give us those circulatory massages. We can also use rosemary oil.
  • Avoid tight garments of any kind, whether pants, socks, any garment that squeezes our legs.
  • Avoid heat sources right towards our legs, hot wax is also harmful to legs with ailments, sun exposure (excess heat and cold).
  • Alternate hot and cold water in the shower and finish by giving the legs cold water.
  • Perform massages, if possible, at night and always with your legs up if possible.
  • Sleeping with your legs up or a little higher than the rest of your body will be a great ally for your tired legs. If we are seated, we can prop them up on a chair.
  • Avoid always having the same posture, as it is harmful and if, for example, our work is sedentary or being at home, then there will always be solutions such as walking around the house, going to the bathroom.
  • Try to maintain the weight you have and not tend to gain weight, since as we have said before, excess weight affects our tired legs.
  • Do not cross your legs if you work long hours sitting in the same position.
  • Change your mood, see if you are sad, anxious, worried, and try to relax.
  • If the pain is very strong, acute and already bothersome too much and does not calm down, go immediately to the doctor to send us a treatment according to what we may be suffering.


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