How To Spinning at Home

How To Spinning At Home

Spinning is becoming a favorite way for many people to play sports. Spinning or cycling is an excellent way to exercise within a closed circuit, normally spinning consists of pedaling on an exercise bike alone or with more people while receiving orders from a professional instructor, it is effective in weight loss since it usually forces us to make many changes of pace and we work both pedaling sitting and pedaling standing.

How To Spinning At Home

Most commercial gyms are equipped with spin bikes and personalized classes with an instructor, but there are people who can’t or don’t want to go to the gym, people who don’t have a gym nearby, or people who can only go to classic gyms that don’t have this equipment, and this can be a problem…

But comes to the rescue, it is possible to practice spinning from home, it is not very complicated to do and it is just as effective as in the gym, so here are the instructions to be able to do it.

What do you need to practice spinning at home?

  •  An exercise bike prepared for spinning, now sold almost anywhere, the difference with conventional exercise bikes is that you can adjust the resistance better and you can stand comfortably.
  •  A monitor or television, this will be used to play the videos, if you use a monitor, you will see the videos through the computer, if you use the television then you can do it in several ways, if it is a smart TV, you can configure the television directly with an internet connection, and if the television is conventional, we can burn the videos to DVD or use a pen drive in a DTT receiver that reads videos.
  •  Space in your home, you obviously need enough space to put the TV in front of the bike.

Instructions for spinning at home

  1. Choose the bike:
    Choosing a suitable bike is very important, you need a special bike for spinning, they can be found in department stores, on the internet and in sports stores such as decatlon. Don’t be afraid to make a good investment as a good bike will give you a better exercise experience and last longer, once purchased, adjust the pedals, handlebars and saddle to your height and size.
    It’s an excellent page full of specialized instructors, it has both spinning classes and classes with elliptical rowing machines, it has both beginner and advanced classes, each one different from the last. It is a company that knows how to play well with sounds and that will make you a very enjoyable class, I recommend it personally. To begin with, register on, once registered you can choose between downloading the free classes, or for only 5 euros per month having access to all the classes of the program.

Tips for spinning at home

  • Check with your doctor: If you have any cardiovascular disease, respiratory disease or think you have any ailment related to your physical or cardiovascular capacity, ask your doctor beforehand, tell him or her your situation and the doctor will advise you if you can perform the exercise or not. Also, if you are an elderly person or have never done sports you should also ask your GP.
  • Start with the basics: Spinning classes need stamina, so it’s best to start with the simple level to get to grips with it, don’t start with the advanced ones or you’ll get discouraged too soon.
  • Adjust the height of the bike well: This is crucial, as too high a height can make it difficult to reach the pedals and too low a height can cause us to have too much trouble pedaling seated, so adjust the handlebars and saddle to the height of your hip, you must also tighten the saddle and handlebars as otherwise it could come loose.
  • Good technique: The correct technique is ideal to avoid problems in the long run, first we must pedal with our feet flat to the ground, to avoid damage to the knee, then we must have our wrists straight and without tension, third when standing we must change the grip of the hands, when we are seated the hands go to the center of the handlebars, when we are up, they go to the sides of the handlebars. Also keep your back straight and neck free of tension and above all feel comfortable.


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