How To Do Push-Ups

How To Do Push-Ups

Push-ups are a type of exercise with which we improve our arms and chest. It consists of lifting the body only with the help of the arms. We have to be upside down and in an inclined position to be able to do this.

How To Do Push-Ups

Push-ups are also known as push-ups, push-ups, shoulder push-ups, push-ups and even push-ups. The specific muscles that we exercise with the help of this physical activity are the triceps, deltoids, serratus anterior, abdomen and oblique and pectorals. In addition, it helps us define our arms and legs, lose weight and build muscle mass

Push-ups are used in many physical tests to access positions such as police and firefighter. They are also used as punishment in some areas, for example in the army.

There are different variations of this type of exercise. Here are some of them:

  • Wall push-ups. They consist of flexing the body by resting it against a wall. The farther away our feet are from it, the more effective our push-ups will be.
  • Push-ups with a handclap. A variation that can only be practiced by specialists. It consists of clapping your hands in the air before you finish flexing your arms to get closer to the ground. Very good for working the chest.
  • Clenched fist push-ups, which protect the wrists from possible injuries since they remain in a neutral position throughout the process. They are perfect for the pectorals.
  • Declined push-ups. They consist of placing the legs on a stable elevated surface. In this way, the work is mainly focused on the upper part of the pectoral.
  • Push-ups with diamond-shaped arms. They are perfect for exercising the triceps, men, and upper back. They require a good physical level so they are not recommended for beginners. You have to place your hands creating a diamond with the index finger and thumb of each of them. You should place them under your chest and descend as usual. The alignment of the shoulder will not be the same as in simple push-ups.

Is push-ups hard to do?

In general, no, but it is true that it requires a good physical shape to perform them correctly. They are easier to perform by those who have good muscles in their arms and back. As women tend to have less developed these muscles, it is usually an easier exercise for men, but only initially. Performing push-ups on a regular basis shapes the body and prepares it.

One of the biggest problems when doing these push-ups is not positioning the body correctly. To get effective results and know how to do it, you just need to read the following post. Let’s get started!

What do you need to do push-ups?

To do push-ups we’re going to need

  •  Sufficient floor space
  •  A pilates mat or a good mat to exercise on
  •  Comfortable sportswear
  •  Sports Shoes
  •  Patience, especially in the first few weeks. Don’t throw in the towel even if it costs you, I assure you that the results are spectacular.

Instructions for doing push-ups

Step-by-step to do simple push-ups

  1. Position your limbs correctly. Lie face down on the floor and kneel. Next, extend your arms and place your palms flat on the floor. The opening of your arms should be equal to the width of your shoulders. Once your arms are perfectly aligned, extend your legs and rest them on the floor with only the balls of your feet. Both feet should be kept together and the head should be facing forward.
  2. Keep your body straight. Your hip should be in line with your back. It can be neither higher nor too low. It should descend perfectly straight to the legs. The hip and back position is one of the most common mistakes beginners make. Be careful with this, as maintaining an incorrect alignment will worsen the exercise and the benefits it could have on your body.
  3. Align your neck with the rest of your back. Don’t leave it down, or force it up. Think about the shape of the spine and try to make the neck follow it naturally, don’t force it to maintain a position that is not correct. The gaze has to be in front and the neck perfectly aligned. If you don’t do it right, you will suffer from pains in this area for several days. You could even get injured.
  4. It’s time to start flexing. Do this from your elbow. Try to have both elbows bend in unison and maintain a straight position with respect to your neck and shoulders, as if following an invisible line. You must lower them as much as your strength allows. The closer they get to the ground, the deeper the push-ups will be and the greater the advantages of this exercise. The movement of your elbows will also mean that your torso will be brought closer to the ground.
  5. Don’t forget the breaths. Inhale when you’re flexing and exhale when you’re climbing.

Tips for doing push-ups


  • When practicing push-ups, avoid curving your lower back as you descend and ascend. The only thing you will achieve is to recharge the muscles in this area. Be careful, because you could get injured.
  • Don’t forget to keep your eyes straight ahead and your neck aligned with the rest of your spine.
  • Avoid sudden movements when you stretch your arms to get back up. You could end up injuring your elbow because of this action.
  • It’s an ideal exercise to keep fit all year round, especially on vacation if you’re not near the gym.

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Training plan to exercise our pectorals

As we know that the easiest way to learn in this life is by practicing, we propose a very easy push-up table so that you can start exercising starting from a basic level. You can do it at home during your free time while watching TV before bed, or just when you wake up to go to work. If you do these exercises regularly, you will be able to tone your body, be fitter and achieve spectacular results.

Perform 4 sets of each exercise with a maximum of 12 repetitions. Increasing the repetitions would not serve our purposes, which is to strengthen the pecs, but to improve endurance. The problem is that if you do a higher number you can end up damaging the muscles. A maximum of 12 repetitions is always recommended for muscle work. The number of sets varies depending on the exercise you do. In this case, it will be 12 for each exercise.

Remember not to do push-ups if you’ve done strength training before. It would be useless and you could injure yourself.

  • Exercise 1: Simple push-ups. These are the ones we have explained in the step-by-step. Remember: body stretched out, back and neck straight, gaze straight ahead, legs together, feet resting on the tips of the fingers, and arms open at shoulder width. We have to perform 4 sets. When we finish them, rest for about a minute and continue with exercise 2.
  • Exercise 2: Knee bends. One more variety of simple flex. They are also known as light push-ups. They are ideal for people who are not used to this type of exercise and do not have much strength in their arms. The body must maintain the same position as in simple push-ups. The only difference is that we will rest on our knees instead of on the balls of our feet. Again, we will do 4 sets of 12 repetitions and rest for a minute before starting with the next exercise.
  • Exercise 3: Simple push-ups. We will repeat the same ones we had done during exercise 1. Be careful, because as we will start to feel a little more tired. We may neglect our posture. Don’t forget to stand straight and well aligned so that your back and muscles don’t suffer.
  • Exercise 4: We can repeat the knee bends if we are not yet very skilled in the matter. However, it is recommended to replace this type of push-up with the variation in which we do push-ups with one hand. Place your unused hand behind your back with a clenched fist. Don’t twist your body when doing this kind of work. It is recommended to do 2 sets with the right arm and 2 sets with the left arm. You can start with whichever you prefer.

Ideally, for best results, you should repeat this exercise table at least 3 times a week. You’ll love the results and feel more at ease with yourself.

If you want to define your muscles…

Start using a more protein-rich diet. Increase your intake of canned tuna, chicken and rice to burn all the fat and leave your muscles as defined as possible.

Be careful, if you start with this dynamic, first talk to a nutritionist who can advise you correctly on how to carry out this type of diet. They are the typical ones used to define muscles in gyms, but only a specialist should assess if it is right for you or if it can pose a health problem in the long run.


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