How To Strengthen Your Knees

How To Strengthen Your Knees

The knees are one of the most used parts of the human body, as well as one of the most delicate parts of it. We use them constantly, when we run, when we walk, when we sit, they even support the legs when it comes to supporting our weight.

How To Strengthen Your Knees

Because they are used constantly, they also suffer great wear and tear, when we get older, we notice how the knees are weakening and how they are suffering, how the worn knees no longer serve us the same as before, that if we use the knees to run after a while, they start they begin to hurt and we cannot continue, or even young athletes who end their careers early due to knee injuries.

From we know how painful it can be to have worn knees, so here are some tips to strengthen them, so you will not only be able to relieve pain, but you will also be able to prevent and delay injuries and wear and tear.

What do you need to strengthen your knees?

  •  Comfortable running shoes, preferably running shoes, the point of support is important for our knees and feet.
  •  A tracksuit or leggings, to exercise we need comfortable clothes.
  •  Mats, for a more comfortable support of the back with the floor.
  •  Dumbbells and a barbell with discs, if you are an advanced user.
  •  A bicycle

Instructions for Strengthening Your Knees

  1. Walking and running by lifting your knees:
    In a very easy exercise to do, you only need a tracksuit and shoes, walk or run normally but lifting your knees to your hip when doing it, this exercise is very good for strengthening the knees if done properly and if it is not abused.
  2. Squats.
    The star exercise of the gym, in addition to being good for the whole leg and helping to progress in the rest, also strengthens the knees, it is important to warm up and start in a very gentle way, since a bad execution or overtraining can cause the opposite of what we are looking for. First you should open your legs to the width of your shoulders, then pull your buttock out and lower without arching your back until your knees form a right angle to your gluteus, and then go up until you regain the starting position, repeat the exercise until you finish the repetitions, if you are an advanced user, place an Olympic bar loaded with a weight that you can control on your back and hold it while you perform exercise.
  3. Scissors.
    A variant of the squat that is also very effective in working both the legs and the knees, consists first of moving one leg forward, secondly, with the leg not in front, lowering until the knee touches the ground gently, and then going up gently, bringing forward the leg that was behind and with the new leg behind, Perform the exercise again, and so on until you complete the repetitions, if you are an advanced user, grab some dumbbells with your hands to add resistance.
  4. Knee shrugs on the floor.
    Lie on a mat stretched out, then bend your knees towards you, until they touch your chest, this exercise is ideal for beginners as they do not subject the knees to excessive resistance.
  5. Ride a bike.
    Riding a bike is one of the best exercises there can be for your knee, the knee always works smoothly without risk of injury, and it is also an exercise that does not require an advanced level to perform, so dust off your bike and go for a ride, your worn knees will thank you, just stretch when you’re done.

Tips for Strengthening Your Knees

  • Warm up: Many injuries occur due to a sudden change in temperature in the muscle, going from cold to heavy exertion can be fatal to the knee, so perform joint mobility exercises gently to prepare the muscle for the exercise.
  • Stretch at the end: Like warming up, stretching is important, it prevents the knees from stiffening and helps them to recover their normal temperature in a natural way. Do it gently and with good technique.
  • Know your limits: When it comes to performing squats or scissor exercises, you must progress naturally and slowly, because if we put weights that we are not prepared to lift, we will end up injured.
  • If you have problems, see your doctor: If you have pain in your knee, do not let it pass, go to your specialist doctor as soon as possible, perhaps what seems like a simple pain can later lead to a serious knee ailment, so if you notice great pain in it, go to your doctor now


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