How To Strengthen Your Back with Pilates

How To Strengthen Your Back with Pilates

When we have a back problem, we always want to try to treat it as soon as possible. One of the best ways to do it is pilates, which is one of the best sports to strengthen your back.

How To Strengthen Your Back with Pilates

Pilates is a recently created sport, created by Mr. Pilates, it is a very good sport that serves both to strengthen the back, and to strengthen the rest of the body.

It is also a sport that will increase flexibility, strength and lung capacity. In addition, those who practice it say that it is a very fun sport and very simple to do once you are clear about a couple of basic notions about it.

In addition, this sport is usually suitable for almost all ages, which does not prevent you from practicing it if you are elderly or if you have any health or mobility problems. That’s why I’m going to show you how you can practice Pilates to strengthen your back in an easy, safe and fun way.

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What do you need to strengthen your back with Pilates?

  •  A tracksuit.
  •  A mat.

Instructions for Strengthening Your Back with Pilates

  1. Finding a Pilates center:
    This might seem like a no-brainer, but it’s important that you get signed up for the best pilates center possible, one that’s good, close to your city, and doesn’t have a prohibitive budget for your pocket, since first things first. These three characteristics are usually met in commercial gyms, that is, these huge gyms that are located on the outskirts of cities and that have a very low price but many features. Make sure that the Pilates teacher is a specialist in the field, because if not, it could happen that you have some kind of back problem, with the remedy being worse than the disease.
  2. Pilates exercises:
    Now that you are signing up for a Pilates center, to kill the bug, I am going to explain the 3 most effective Pilates exercises I know to strengthen the back area. These three exercises are simple, beginner-level, and can be done from home easily.
  3. Stretch forward:
    The first of all is the exercise of stretching the back forward, an exercise that will increase the flexibility of the upper back area and its muscles. We are going to sit with our legs straight and then we are going to try to touch the tips of our feet with the tips of our hands, without bending our knees. If you don’t make it, don’t worry, but try to get as far as possible. At the same time, try to control your breathing and stretch without exerting tension on the neck area, mostly to avoid injury.
  4. Superman with One Hand and One Foot:
    I call him Superman because we’re going to put ourselves in the position that Superman used to fly, but with one hand and one foot. First of all, we are going to lie face down facing the floor, now we are going to raise our knees and lie down but leaning on them. Now we are going to stretch one arm and rest with the other on the floor and we are going to stretch at the same time the opposite foot of the arm that we are stretching at that moment. Once we hold for about 30 seconds, we must make the change with the other arm and with the other foot.
  5. The half push-up:Now we’re going to do what I call a half-push-up, that is, we’re going to start placing ourselves in the classic push-up position but with the knees flat on the floor. Once we are like this, we are going to raise our arms but without raising our legs, making us make a curved line with the body. Here we are going to notice how our body stretches, strengthening our back and arms in the process.

Tips for strengthening your back with Pilates

  • More exercises: These three exercises only served to strengthen the back and little else, what I mean is that Pilates is a very rich and extensive sport that can be used very well. As for the rest of the exercises, you will have to learn them on your own in Pilates classes. For example, you will be able to strengthen the chest, spine and other elements of the human body with the rest of the pilates exercises, thus achieving good musculature in the area of the entire body.


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