What Is the Best Time to Go to The Gym

What Is The Best Time To Go To The Gym

Surely, at some point you have asked yourself the typical question is it better to exercise in the morning or in the afternoon? Would I be better off going to the gym at one time or another?

What Is The Best Time To Go To The Gym

If you pay attention to certain comments, it is more than certain that you will hear that “better to do sports on an empty stomach” … Therefore, in the morning first thing in the morning, it would be ideal. Nothing. Nothing could be further from the truth. What you should think about is what really, to you, suits you. Not everyone is the same and, therefore, not everyone feels equally good.

To this, we must add the time factor. It will depend on the free moment in which you can go to the gym. Therefore, the best time will always be the one that best suits you.


  1. The important thing when going to the gym is to know when it suits you best for a matter of time. Once you decide when you do better, decide to do it.
  2. You must think, that it will always be better, to be able to go to the gym to give everything than to go by commitment, without time, in a hurry, etc. And not training properly. Better little, but train in an intense and correct way.
  3. It is not necessary either, go to the gym and be all day. If they tell you that they need many hours, they do not do something right … They will not train in conditions and it is certain, that they will be wasting time and not leaving their skin training. There is no body that endures daily, all day in the gym (unless you are an elite athlete) and not even with those.
  4. Do not be influenced when it is said that it will always be better to go to the gym on an empty stomach, because you lose more weight, more calories, etc. Not everyone feels good. In fact, on an empty stomach, many people get very fatigued, get dizzy, do not have the same energy, etc. Therefore, let your body listen.
  5. Having said all this, another issue is personal priorities or tastes. We explain it. There are many people who do not like to find the whole gym full of people, others if they prefer to have something more contact with others, etc. Therefore, here if we tell you what hours are (usually) the most recommended.
  6. Another fact to comment on it. Always the gyms that are famous chains, have much more influx of people. Therefore, if, in fact, you do not like to coincide with a lot of crowds, keep that in mind…
  7. In the mornings, when the gym opens, there are usually fewer people, so keep that in mind… and right at noon, too.
  8. In the afternoons, it is when more people usually go to the gym.
  9. Keep in mind, having said all this, that you will have to assess of course, the type of exercise you are going to do. For example, if you are a person who always does directed classes, of whatever type (aerobic, collective, boxing, etc.). It is advised that it be before eating. Not only for obvious reasons, that with a full belly you can have an indisposition, get dizzy, vomit, be tired, etc. And because it should have happened better, an hour before meals, so also the body is metabolizing and accelerating fat burning.
  10. Other people want and prefer to go to the gym after eating. With your waiting time, it will always be advisable between half an hour and an hour later and make meals that are not copious. If that time and moment is the one that suits you, then perfect. Take advantage of it.
  11. If for whatever reason, work, studies or whatever reason, you cannot go to the gym or you could not go to make the visit really useful, do not throw in the towel either. For example, surely, one day you will have free work or you can take a day off from your studies … Well, those days, take advantage of them to go to the gym. In the meantime, don’t forget to train. Do it in your own home or go outdoors, but the point is not to stand still or break with everything and throw it overboard. Think that it is not much use if you do nothing for the whole week and only a day or two, you exercise.
  12. If your body allows it and your schedule and you like to go to the gym in the morning, your body will have benefits that you will not have with another schedule (in the afternoon or evening, for example). If you are going to go in the morning, surely, you will already know or you will notice it, but you will have more energy. Not only that, because if in addition, your interest in the gym is to lose weight and fat, bone lose weight, because your metabolism is more accelerated and therefore you will have all day to lose more fat.
  13. As for noon, if it is when you can escape to train or it suits you better, you will do well to continue losing weight. You still have all afternoon and night for the body to lose fat by having an accelerated metabolism.
  14. In the afternoon, if you go at that time will depend a little, the pace you take or the day you have had. There are many people who go when they come because they have much more energy, but others are tired, stressed, exhausted from the day they have taken. Experts say that this time slot to lose weight is not the most suitable. But instead, if you want to gain muscle mass, strength or tone, it will come in handy.
  15. If you stop training late in the day, at night, be careful because you can do more than your body can, you demand more and you can cause more injuries. On the other hand, if you burn all the energy of the day in training at night, your body can have an energy after and an adrenaline that will cause you disorders to be able to sleep at night and hence you have insomnia and tiredness.
  16. The really important thing and having a head, is to know when you can. Because, even if you want to go to the gym fasting in the morning, if you work, then obviously, you cannot go. The same as at any other time… Hence, emphasize that the ideal time to go to the gym, does not exist. So, as is. The best moment will be and is, in which everyone can go and train properly. Without wasting time, or so much paripé, walks, photos … to the important. Leave your skin and train.

What You Need

  • A gym.
  • Do sports or physical exercise.
  • Sportswear.
  • Sneakers.


We emphasize on reminding you that there is no schedule to go to the gym and train. The best schedule will be, the one that suits you best. You have a predisposition, you can go to him, etc.

And if you still have doubts about the best turn to train in the gym, do not forget that your body speaks and has memory … If you are tired you will force him to work harder and you can injure yourself. In the morning, it is the ideal time to accelerate the metabolism and lose weight, in the afternoon there is no problem, but respect the meals that are not copious and rest. And at night, you have to be careful if you have trouble falling asleep. Think that you can be after training, excited with the adrenaline shot and, therefore, it will cost you more to be able to keep an eye. Even, not sleeping.


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