Crunches In 8 Minutes

Crunches In 8 Minutes

The abs are a part of the body that, if well-defined and cared for, stylize the figure a lot. If you have a belly with pleasantly defined abs, everything changes; Fat is eliminated and the body is left much more cared for and fit. Even so, it is true that it should be kept in mind that the abs are not easy to mark, that is, it takes daily work to make them look and, above all, stay well marked and strong. In other words, the abs are one of the most difficult muscles in our body to work and mark, since it is a part of our body where many fats and calories end up throughout the day and, above all, meals.

Crunches In 8 Minutes

Along these lines, you should consider that to take care of your body not everything goes, that is, you must take care of what type of exercises you do and what your physical condition is, since if you do them wrong you can damage other parts of the body. Therefore, it is not worth doing any type of exercise for the abdomen, since when working this part of the body many people perform exercises that damage the back or lower back. So, so that you can perform the right exercises, today in we explain how to do sit-ups in 8 minutes, so that you repeat your routine day after day and end up defining good abs.


  1. Before you start doing the following exercises, it is recommended that you warm up a little; you can run for about 10 minutes at a jog, you can walk at a brisk pace or do a bit of cycling. Keep in mind that if you mix abdominal exercises with other modalities, the result will be global and superior. Similarly, you can also do some stretching before you start your workout.
  2. All the exercises that we propose are going to be done on the floor; So, prepare a small mat, mat, or towel in a space where you can lie down. Keep in mind that in order to do these exercises and work your abdomen well, it is essential that you keep your abs tight and tense for the 8 minutes.
  3. The first exercise will consist of lying on the floor face down and keeping your body weight on your toes and elbows, that is, you must raise your body a few centimeters from the ground in the form of a plank. The idea is to move your hips from side to side while balancing your weight from one end of the foot to the other and so on. The head should always be facing the ground and the arms should form an ‘L’ shape and also stay still, since the only thing that moves is the hip from one side to the other. The goal is that your body weight should fall on your abs that stay strong and tense. In this case, perform this first exercise for 30 consecutive seconds. Then, stretch and rest on your knees on the floor for 5 seconds and repeat the set two more times for 30 seconds each, resting in between.
  • For the next exercise, you should position yourself in the same way as in the previous one, but this time with your feet and legs tightly closed and straight. The idea will be that you open and close your feet – open and close your right feet, open and close your left and so on. It is very important that you keep your back straight – to avoid damage – and your abdomen tense. You should do three sets of 30 seconds for this exercise with rest and stretching in between each set.
  • Stretch, rest for about 5 seconds, and start the next exercise. For this activity we will continue to be placed in the same way as in the previous ones; Lie face down, hold on top of your elbows, and keep your legs and feet closed and straight. The goal of this exercise is for you to raise your bent knee to your stomach and lower it; To do this, you will have to alternate one leg and the other, that is, raise your right knee, go down, raise your left leg, lower and so on. Similarly, perform three sets of 30 seconds each.
  • In the next exercise we will work the abs but from the arms; In this sense, lie face down with your body weight on your elbows and the balls of your feet – always keeping your abdomen tight. Thus, the exercise consists of raising the body as a result of raising the arms, that is, raise the arm supporting the hand instead of the elbow – from the two elbows it goes to an elbow and one hand, then two hands and the other way around to go down. You must go up and down successively. Also perform three sets of 30 seconds, with a 5-second rest in the middle of each one.
  • The last exercise will consist of rocking the body of the center to the side, starting the movement with the posture that we have used for all the exercises. In this sense, lie down in the form of a plank on your stomach, with your body weight on your elbows -raised- and on the balls of your foot; Then, raise your body to one side – raising your arm and hip to this side – and return to the center. You should do four sets – two for each side – of 30 seconds each.
  • All in all, you’ll already have your full 8 minutes of sit-ups, keeping in mind that between each set you should rest for about 5 seconds.

What You Need

  •  Mat, mat, towel or something similar.
  •  Sportswear.
  •  Will.
  •  Time.
  •  Dedication.
  •  Constancy.


  • Although during these 8 minutes you will work your abs in a very powerful and effective way, you must be consistent when doing sports so that your body in general notices the improvements; Likewise, you should complement physical activity with a good diet, since your food accounts for almost 40% of your dietFitness.


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