What Is Pilates Reformer Like?

What Is Pilates Reformer Like?

Pilates reformer is a new way of doing Pilates that has been recently discovered and is gaining a lot of popularity in recent years.

What Is Pilates Reformer Like?

Reformer Pilates differs from other types of Pilates in some important ways, making them totally different activities from each other despite the fact that they share part of the name (one is called Pilates reformer and the other is called Pilates).

This new sport can provide you with a lot of benefits, but few people know what this new type of Pilates is really like or how it is performed, therefore it is necessary to explain a little about what this type of Pilates is like, which we are going to do as always from the sport section of doncomos.com

What do you need for Pilates reformer?

  •  Go to a place where there is a Pilates reformer machine.
  •  A Pilates instructor reformer.
  •  A tracksuit and suitable footwear.
  •  Desire to learn and exercise.

Instructions for Pilates Reformer

  1. What does the sport consist of:
    Pilates reformer is a sport that is performed with a special machine created by Joseph Pilates, in which we will be able to exercise many parts of the body at the same time using the different angles of resistance offered by the machine. This machine works by resistance pulleys, from which come harnesses in which we will put our lower and upper extremities. Depending on the way in which we do it, we will be able to exercise a number of muscles or others, so it is a very useful machine to exercise the whole body.
  2. Benefits:
    Thanks to this machine, we will be able to improve a lot in many aspects of our physique and our mind.
  • Strength gains: Thanks to the pilates reformer machine we will be able to gain a large amount of physical strength, since the muscle is created when it has an obstacle or resistance to overcome and, in this machine, we are in constant tension due to the pulleys.
  • Flexibility Gains: Another benefit of this machine is that it allows us to achieve an increase in the flexibility of our body. In some postures performed on this machine, we are going to bend and stretch a lot, thus increasing the degree of flexibility of our muscles throughout the body.
  • Relaxation: Pilates reformer improves blood circulation, improves our ability to concentrate and is also able to make us feel good simply because it is fun, therefore, there is no excuse not to practice it.
  • How to practice Pilates reformer:
    The practice of this sport is somewhat complex, so it is necessary to give some advice on how to start practicing it, since it is good to have a good guide to start practicing this wonderful sport. The first thing to do is to find out about the gyms that have this Pilates machine reformer, since it is a somewhat rare machine that not all gyms have. The second thing is to talk to an instructor to teach you how to use it, since physical activity supervision is necessary so that the benefits of the machine are as great as possible. In addition, misuse of it could lead to injuries caused by poor posture, so that is why you should always have the help of a professional in the field. Finally, you should be consistent and practice Pilates Reformer whenever you can, to get the maximum possible benefits from this wonderful sport.

Tips for Pilates Reformer

  • Normal Pilates: If you can’t practice Pilates Reformer, you’ll always have normal Pilates, which is a great activity to improve strength, concentration, and flexibility. In addition, normal Pilates is much more widespread than reformer, since it can be performed without any kind of strange machine, which is why it is available in almost every gym in the world due to its simplicity. You can also find Pilates classes on the net, which are quite complete and can be done by practically anyone, regardless of gender and age.
  • Talk to your doctor: Before doing any type of sporting activity, we always advise you to visit a doctor for advice on doing any type of physical activity. The reason is that there are people with heart problems who cannot make very great efforts, or must perform them in a very gentle way. The doctor will dispel all your doubts, so visit him without hesitation.
  • Patience: As the pilates reformer machine is somewhat strange, it is perfectly normal that at first you do not get hold of it and that you do not know how to perform the pilates exercises correctly. However, you will have to be very patient and not get frustrated because sooner or later everything will end up going as it should. Follow the coach’s instructions to the letter and don’t get distracted or frustrated, because sooner or later everything will go right and you will become an expert in the field.
  • When doing Pilates exercises, breath control is very important and, in this article, we explain how to breathe in Pilates.
  • To learn techniques, tips and lots of interesting information about Pilates, be sure to go through our category.


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