How To Make a Breakfast for Athletes

How To Make A Breakfast For Athletes

Making a breakfast for athletes is an activity that is increasingly carried out by all people who want to practice a type of sport.

How To Make A Breakfast For Athletes

They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, something that is especially important when it comes to sports, since a good breakfast will help you get more strength and energy when doing the sport.

A good breakfast for athletes recharges the glycogen stores in the muscles, thus achieving an increase in muscle strength and also an increase in power, achieving of course an improvement when performing sports activity.

On the other hand, if we do not eat breakfast correctly, we could find ourselves weak and without strength when it comes to performing the sports activity, lowering our energy and therefore, our performance in the sport.

Many people believe that they know how to make a breakfast for athletes correctly, however, many people make many mistakes, only managing to gain weight and not provide enough energy to the muscles.

In this article we are going to learn how to properly make a breakfast for athletes, thus maximizing your performance without gaining fat, something we all want to achieve.

What do you need to make a breakfast for athletes?

  •  Oats, can be in the form of oatmeal, oat bran or rolled oats.
  •  Milk.
  •  Honey.
  •  Eggs.
  •  A coffee or energy drink.
  •  A banana.
  •  A yogurt.

Instructions for Making a Breakfast for Athletes

  1. Get the source of slow carbohydrates:
    The first thing that a good breakfast for athletes should have been a reliable source of carbohydrates, which is the main fuel of the muscles of our body. To do this, we are going to use slow carbohydrate sources, which are useful for sports since they are the ones that are released slowly in our body, which is more interesting for us if we do not want to run out of energy quickly. My favorite is oatmeal, as it’s tasty, comes in various forms, and is easy to eat. You can put it with milk, in the form of oatmeal making oatmeal pancakes or put it together with yogurt.
  2. Nervous energy:
    Apart from the food we put in our body, we also need to put something that stimulates us, since this way, our performance will increase. The best way is to drink caffeine, since caffeine activates us and is also a powerful fat burner for our body. It is normal to have a coffee, but energy drinks are also good to activate us, so you can choose the option you want, but do not drink more than 3 coffees/bottles of energy drink a day, as that is already bad for our health.
  3. Source of fast carbohydrates:
    If you are going to do strength sports, it is better to choose faster carbohydrates, as they are released more quickly in the muscle and make them more explosive. Forget about sugar and opt for natural sources such as bananas, honey (without abusing it) or tropical fruits such as custard apple or mango, as they have sugars, but they are natural and are not bad for your health.
  4. Source of protein and fat:
    We also need some protein and fat, since muscles are made up of amino acids and fat in small amounts provides us with powerful energy for the whole day. The best source of protein and fat is the egg, as it contains 50% of everything (100% protein in the white and 100% fat in the yolk). In addition, the idea that eggs give cholesterol is an absurd myth, so you can take them whenever you want with hardly any consequences.
  5. Oatmeal pancakes, the perfect breakfast:
    If you want a breakfast that includes everything, opt for oatmeal pancakes, which have all the ingredients mentioned and are very easy to make. Mix an egg with 100 grams of oat flour, a yoghurt and a little honey and beat until it becomes a homogeneous paste. Now put it in a pan until it takes a pancake shape and you have your ideal breakfast for athletes, as long as you also take a little caffeine.

Tips for Making a Breakfast for Athletes

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  • When to eat breakfast: A question you ask a lot is when to eat breakfast and the answer is to do it 2 hours before training. If you take it before, you will go to play sports with a full stomach, which makes you feel very heavy and if you take it later, you will lose all your energy, therefore, have two hours of sports for breakfast.
  • Avoid junk food: Avoid eating dirty macronutrient sources, and by dirty, I mean empty calories. Avoid sugar at all costs, as it is an energy that is not used, the same as with trans-fat and saturated fat.


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