How To Do Abdominal Exercises

How To Do Abdominal Exercises

Having well-defined abs is something that every person would love to have. In fact, the part of the abdomen, better known to all of us as “the belly”, is a place in the body where a lot of fat accumulates very quickly. Even if you’ve been fit for a long time, the abs are a muscle that loses mass incredibly quickly. In the same way, in this long-suffering place, all the fat and calories caused by a sedentary life and by the overeating and drinks accumulated in this long-suffering place.

How To Do Abdominal Exercises

For all these reasons, it is essential and highly recommended to do effective, correct exercises and, above all, with a constant periodicity if you want to have defined and toned abs. In this case, it is not enough exclusively to do physical exercise at a general level, but this global training must be accompanied by specific and focused exercises. In this sense, many people perform numerous abdominal exercises with a lot of will but with little precision and correction. By doing this ab workout incorrectly, you can, in addition to wasting time, damage your back. For all these reasons, today in we explain in detail how to do abdominal exercises in a very effective and correct way, so that you notice the results in just a few workouts.

Instructions for Doing Abdominal Exercises

  1. First of all, you should keep in mind that to do your abdominal exercises it is highly recommended that you start with a warm-up of about 15 minutes and some brief stretches. So, you can run at a steady pace and not too fast for about 10-15 minutes and then stretch your arms, legs and abdomen with four basic stretching exercises – on the floor or standing. In the same way, it is also very important to dress in comfortable clothes; It is not recommended to wear clothes that are too tight or to wear rubber bands or seams.
  2. Once you understand all of this, you can start your ab exercises. To do this, we present you with a basic abs routine to start training this muscle easily and without damaging other parts of the body. So, the first thing you should do is place a mat – failing that, a towel or a thin mat – to be able to lie down on the floor comfortably.
  3. Then, you can stretch on the floor on your back and with your body completely straight. So, take three full breaths and you can start with the first exercise; Place both arms on your shoulders crossed, that is, forming a cross on your chest – right hand resting on your left shoulder and vice versa.
  4. In this position you should bend your legs, raising your knees up and you can start your set; you should raise your head while raising your leg one at a time alternatingly. Therefore, you should raise your head with the strength of your abdomen at the same time as you raise your leg.
  5. Keep in mind that the head must rise due to the force that reaches it from the abdomen; Under no circumstances should you force your cervical spine, as this would damage them. It can also be helpful to look up at the ceiling as you climb, as this will relax your neck and neck. In addition, you must control your breathing to do the exercise more correctly; Release the air when you’re up.
  6. Another very useful type of exercise to start training your abs is the following: place your arms on the back of your neck, raise your head by squeezing your abdomen and while bringing your right hand closer to your right foot and, then, your left hand to your left foot, then lower and rest. The exercise consists of repeating this movement of going up, touching the right heel with the right hand, touching the left heel with the left hand, and going down.
  7. One more exercise that can be simple and effective is the following: in this case, continue lying on your back, but this time with your whole body flat. Place your arms on the floor, parallel to the straight trunk of your body. Thus, you should lift both legs straight and bring them alternately closer to your chest, that is, as if you were walking on the ground. In this exercise you have to be especially careful not to bend your back or lift your belly, all this you will achieve by making force with your abdomen down.
  8. The last exercise we propose is totally different. In this sense, you should now sit on the floor with your hoods bent; The idea is to drop your back backwards with your arms straight and hold for several seconds. Keep in mind that in this case it is especially important that you keep your back straight with your head and that you force your abdomen well.
  9. All of them are simple exercises and ideal to start your ab workout. You can perform 4 sets of 10 repetitions each – rest a few seconds between sets – of each exercise. So, increase the repetitions as you increase your fitness.

What do you need to do abdominal exercises?

  •  Comfortable clothes for sports.
  •  A mat – a thin mat or towel is recommended.
  •  Constancy.
  •  Patience.
  •  Motivation.
  •  Time.
  •  Music -optional-.

Tips for Doing Abdominal Exercises

  • Keep in mind that breathing is very important when it comes to exercising without harming your body; Therefore, try to control it and do complete breathing cycles.
  • It is very important that you gradually increase the power and pace of your workouts and exercises, otherwise you could injure yourself or cause damage. Thus, constant training is what leads to improvements and good results.


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