How To Do a Routine for Abs

How To Do A Routine For Abs

To do any exercise, having a good routine is essential. And it is that a progression and consistency must be marked so that the results are efficient and the exercise we do is healthy. Thus, depending on which part of the body you want to work, you will do some scheduled and marked exercises or others. Along these lines, it is essential to know your needs and your physical condition, as well as what you want to exercise.

How To Do A Routine For Abs

In this case, if your intention is to mark your abs and work on them, you should also do a good routine. Keep in mind that the abs is a muscle that is very difficult to define, which is why you must do a specific but at the same time constant work adapted to you. Therefore, you should adapt a routine and increase the intensity and exercises as the workouts go on.

Instructions for doing an abs routine

  1. First of all, you must keep in mind that to tone, strengthen and mark your abdominal muscles, you must also do work and exercise your whole body as a whole. By exercising in general – running, swimming, walking, cycling, fitness, etc. – you activate anabolic hormones, which is why by doing specialized exercises focused on the abdomen you will gain greater benefits, greater toning.
  2. In line with the above, we recommend that you include in your training routine, about 10-15 minutes for running, swimming, walking at a fast pace, etc. Any sport can be, the idea is to activate your body, perform a previous and gentle warm-up. Next, it is also advisable to do about 5 minutes of stretching -before and after your abs-, so you will avoid injuries and damage and, in addition, you will have less soreness the next day.
  3. Another essential point to perform your abs routine is the fact that you should not train every day. The most advisable thing, if you are not in shape, is to do 2-3 workouts a week – about 45 minutes between warm-ups, exercises and stretches – on skipped days. In other words, you should always rest the day after training.
  4. As there are numerous exercises, we recommend that you do a couple or three of routines, mixing the intensity; This way, you can work a few more days to the limit and other maintenance exercises. In this sense, you should choose those abdominal exercises that best suit your physical shape and condition.
  5. In your abs routine, you should capture the rest time between repetitions and, in the same way, between exercises. Thus, we advise you to start with 3 sets of 10 repetitions for each exercise and, as the workouts go on, increase the number of repetitions. So, at the beginning you should do about 20 minutes of warm-up and stretching – a lot of aerobic exercise to burn fat – and about 20 minutes of sit-ups. So, as you get fit, you can increase the time focused on your abs.
  6. As already said, there are abdominal exercises in which you must raise your legs on your back, others in which you must raise your head to touch your knees, other exercises in which you must stay on top in the form of a plank, other exercises in which you must be in a lateral posture and raise your legs and arms, etc. Therefore, try to combine the different modalities and adapt the power and hardness to your condition. The idea is to progress, because if one day you overdo it and then you go 2 weeks without doing any exercise, it won’t do you any good.
  7. Keep in mind that in abdominal exercises you can damage your back, your neck, your lower back; Therefore, try to do the exercises chosen well, complete and relatively slow. You should always have your back – when you are on your back – well glued to the floor and you can only achieve that if you keep your abdomen tense.
  8. In your ab workout routine, the ultimate goal is to work this part of your body; Therefore, you should basically do strength with these muscles in all your exercises. Keep this in mind whenever you do abdominal exercises. Finally, we also recommend that you start the routine at a gentle level and increase the load and power of the exercises as the minutes go by; Your routine should go from less to more, always ending with gentle exercises again.

What do you need to do an abs routine?

Tips for Doing an Abs Routine

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  • No matter how much you diet, if you don’t complement your exercises and sports routine with a good diet, you have nothing to do; Thus, you should eat a varied and balanced diet, while drinking enough water – about 2 liters a day. Similarly, getting a good night’s sleep and rest at the right times is absolutely imperative as well.
  • Keep in mind that each person is different, so adapting the routine to your needs and physical condition is very important. Choose the exercises that best suit you and, if necessary, go to a specialist for guidance and help.


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