How To Clock Abs

How To Clock Abs

The abs are a part of our body that is very difficult to work on. And even if you do constant and frequent physical exercise, the abs are a muscle that is quite difficult to strengthen and, above all, to mark. In this sense, by exercising in a general way – running, walking, cycling, etc. – our abdomen eliminates fat and remains more or less flat. However, to set perfect abs, you need to go further; Specific exercises must be done to define and mark this part of the body. Thus, there are numerous routines that if you do them consistently and often and accompany it with a good diet, your abs will be marked in a matter of days. To do this, you must promote a balanced diet low in saturated fats while exercising daily – running, swimming, cycling – and complement it with a good specific routine to work these abs. All in all, it will be possible that in a few days your abdomen will begin to change: it will be defined and the tablet will be marked. To make it possible, today in we explain how to mark abs.

How To Clock Abs

Instructions for marking abs

  1. To have isometric and well-defined abs, you should first stretch and warm up for a few minutes. We recommend running for about 15-20 minutes. If you start warming up your body before doing crunches purely, the result will be better, as you will have prepared your body and stimulated the elimination of fat. Similarly, it is highly recommended to perform some stretching exercise to avoid injury and/or damage during the exercises.
  2. Then, you can start your workout routine to get your abs right. To do this, condition a space by setting things aside so that you can lie on the floor with enough space; In the same way, put a mat or a thin mat, so you will be much more comfortable.
  3. Start by lying on the floor face down in a plank shape. You should stay straight and increase your body weight by resting only on the balls of your feet and elbows; The goal is to keep the abdomen strong so that the weight falls mainly on this muscle. The first exercise will consist of squeezing your abs and keeping your pelvis contracted; You should stand still for 40 seconds, with your body weight on your abdomen. Breathe in and inhale constantly, and after a few seconds, rest by stretching. Thus, you should repeat the exercise in a series of 3 times, 40 seconds each, with the rest -between 5-10 seconds-.
  4. The next exercise will be similar; You should do exactly the same but with your body resting on the tips of your feet and hands, that is, you should have your body higher and your arms stretched out. In this case, your arms and feet are higher and your body should be as straight and straight as possible. You should repeat this second exercise for 3 times, holding for 30 seconds in each set. As in the previous case, you should rest – 10 seconds – after each repetition. Breathing and a tight abdomen are essential, otherwise you could damage your back.
  5. The third exercise will consist of supporting the weight of your body on elbows and toes, but in this case with your legs open, that is, opening your legs in a ‘V’ shape. You should try to always keep your back straight and never relax your abs. In this case, it will be a tougher exercise; So, repeat the exercise 2 times, 30 seconds each and resting for 10 to 15 seconds.
  6. Next, you should continue with the same posture as in the last exercise and, in this case, open and close your legs one at a time. That is, open right, close right, open left, close right, and so on. In this case you should perform 4 sets of 30 seconds each, resting for about 5-10 seconds between each set.
  7. Once you’ve finished this workout, you’ll need to turn around and do ‘conventional’ crunches. In this case, you should do 4 sets of 25 each. Therefore, lie on your back with your knees bent and go up and down; Always look up at the ceiling and breathe and breathe in as you go up and down.
  8. Finally, go back to the hard abs’ workout routine once again. Once you’re done, you’ll have done a hard ab workout.

What do you need to do your abs?

  •  Mats, thin mat or towel.
  •  Comfortable clothes for exercise.
  •  Music -optional-.
  •  Timekeeping watch.
  •  Time.
  •  Constancy.
  •  Dedication.

Tips for Marking Abs

  • The proposed exercise routine is quite harsh; You can start by doing a gentler workout and increase your power and routines as the days go by.
  • Keep in mind that it is very important that you are consistent when doing physical activity, otherwise you will not see the results.
  • In the category about abdominal exercises, you will surely find much more interesting information.


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