How To Choose Between Yoga and Pilates

How To Choose Between Yoga And Pilates

When it comes to starting to practice a sport, there are always some doubts about it. One of them is that we don’t know how to choose between yoga and pilates.

How To Choose Between Yoga And Pilates

Both sports are very fashionable in recent years, which makes it quite difficult to choose between yoga and pilates, since both sports are great and both sports will provide us with a lot of benefits for our body and mind.

In addition, people who start practicing sports usually do not have much information about it, something that affects the decision to choose between yoga and pilates.

Most of the people who advise you are going to try to pull towards their turf, as those people want to attract customers to their business, so their opinion is not valid, as it is not impartial.

These people are really going to confuse you in the task of choosing between the two, therefore, it is better to rely on a more neutral opinion from someone who knows these two sports.

If you want to choose between yoga and pilates and have no idea which one to choose, you are in the right place, as you are in the sports section of Here you will learn step by step everything you need to know about these two sports, so that you can decide to choose.

What do you need to choose between yoga and pilates?

  •  Places to sign up for yoga or pilates.
  •  Read this article that explains how to do yoga at home.
  •  Read this article that explains how to do pilates at home.

Instructions for Choosing Between Yoga and Pilates

  1. Look at your goals:
    The first thing you should do is look to see what goals you have for playing a sport. The goals you are looking for can be anything from losing weight, increasing flexibility, increasing your lung capacity, or even increasing your peace of mind. If you are looking to lose weight, Pilates is your sport, since its great muscular and physical load will make the body work much harder and we will lose many more calories than with yoga. If our goal is to increase flexibility, both sports are fine, but I would choose yoga more, as the poses are more static and more natural. As for lung capacity, we are going to choose Pilates, since it is much more cardiovascular than yoga, since we move much faster and at a higher pace than yoga. As for peace of mind, yoga is your sport, because if you are looking to be calm, learn to breathe, lead a good lifestyle and find peace with yourself is the ideal sport for you.
  2. Health status:
    The second thing we must look at is the state of health we have, which will be influenced by our physical activity, our age and our genetics. Pilates is a sport that requires much more physical effort than yoga, therefore, if you are an older person and who is not used to doing sports, it is better to go to yoga for the time being and then if you want to move on to pilates when you are a little fitter. If you are a young person looking to be active, yoga may not be for you because it is too leisurely, therefore, it is better to do pilates.
  3. Which people stand out in each sport?
    We all like to be the best at the sports we play, which can make the difference between choosing one sport or another. In the case of yoga, people with greater self-control and greater flexibility will triumph, therefore, it is usually a sport more oriented to flexible and calm people. As for Pilates, people with a lot of energy, great physical condition and great endurance triumph, therefore, it is usually an ideal sport for people who are used to doing physical activities, which usually fails in yoga because they are too energetic and impatient.
  4. Price:
    Another aspect to consider when practicing yoga or pilates is usually the price. I’ve noticed that yoga is a little more expensive, since it’s not usually as easy to do as pilates and therefore, the specialized teacher charges more. Even if the difference isn’t very big, if you don’t have a lot of money, you’ll do better with Pilates.

Tips for choosing between yoga and pilates

  • Do both: Why choose between yoga and Pilates when you can practice both? If health, time and money allow it, I advise you to do both, as this way you will make the most of the advantages of both sports. You will increase flexibility and peace of mind with yoga and with Pilates you will lose weight, increase your physical condition and gain strength. In addition, playing two sports is fun because while you practice one, you forget about the other, which kills the monotony.


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