How To Choose a Fitball

How To Choose A Fitball

Fitball are very fashionable. These are large balls that are also called Swiss balls. These balls are made of rubber and were manufactured for the first time in the seventies of the last century. From the beginning, they were used for therapeutic purposes. Nowadays we are used to seeing them in gyms and fitness centers and their use has become so fashionable that we can even see them in many homes.

How To Choose A Fitball

Fitball are a very useful fitness item as they allow you to build muscles while working on your muscles and balance. In addition, fitball can be used by all kinds of people, from athletes to pregnant women.

You may be wondering what sports these types of balls are used in. Well, the answer is that it is used in many different sports. Perhaps one of the most popular is Pilates. Pilates was one of the first sports that began to use these balls more or less regularly in its sports practice. This should come as no surprise since Pilates perfectly combines therapeutic intent with the development of muscle building, endurance and flexibility. However, there are other sports that also employ fitball. Sports that have become tremendously popular nowadays such as CrossFit or functional and high-intensity training also use it.

As you can see, there are many different methods and approaches when it comes to training with these balls. Therefore, you have to know very well what you are doing with them and what you want to achieve at all times. Another important issue is that of size. The size of a fitball is of great importance, especially when we use it in sports such as yoga or pilates. The size of fitball we will choose will depend, to a large extent, on our height. Throughout this article, we’ll explain how to choose a fitball. Pay close attention!

What do you need to choose a fitball?

  •  Follow all our instructions

Instructions for Choosing a Fitball

  1. There are basically two ways to determine if a fitball is right for us or not. The first one we will explain is the one we use in a store when selecting our fitball. Then we will have to look at the size of the fitball since these are normally sold deflated. On the other hand, the second explanation will be the one we use in our gyms when choosing a fitball whose size we do not know. 
  2. The easiest way to choose a fitball when buying from us is to look at its size or size. This information is indicated on all boxes. What we need to look at is the diameter of the fitball and compare it to our height. In this way, people who are less than 1.63 meters tall must purchase a 55-centimeter fitball. People whose height ranges between 1.64 and 1.79 should use a 65 and, finally, those who are taller than 1.80 should select a fitball with a diameter of 75 centimeters.
  3. However, when the fitball are not in their boxes and we do not have this data, it can be a little difficult to know which one is right for us. In such cases we can employ a rather useful trick. This consists of sitting on the fitball and observing the angle formed by our knees with respect to the ground. If our knees form a 90-degree angle, that’s the sign that we’re looking at the perfect fitball for us. 

Tips for Choosing a Fitball

  • Remember that the size of the fitball is very important. If you perform your maintenance exercises on a fitball that’s too big or too small for you, all your effort may be useless. 
  • The maintenance of your fitball┬áis a pretty important issue. You need to make sure that your fitball stays in good condition during all your training sessions. For this reason, you should get into the habit of wiping it every time you finish a session with a damp cloth. You should also check the air pressure that exists. Remember that a fitball shouldn’t be too hard, but it shouldn’t be too soft either.


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