How To Be More Flexible

How To Be More Flexible

For us, being more flexible is very important, since many times we stay in such a sedentary life that when we find ourselves in the need to move and stretch it is painful, unpleasant and difficult to do.

How To Be More Flexible

The older we are, the stiffer our tendons and joints in general will become, for this reason throughout our lives, we must maintain a good state of flexibility, we are all born flexible, but the lack of activity makes us stiff and lose this flexibility.

Flexibility is not only necessary for those who are dedicated to acrobatics, dance, or martial arts, it is necessary to be more flexible throughout our lives, so that when we reach an advanced age, we can stay active and in good condition.

If we do not maintain a good state of flexibility during our youth and maturity, when we reach an older age, it will be more difficult for us to execute certain common movements. For this reason, we must find a way to be flexible and maintain this agility throughout our lives.

If you want to be more flexible, there are many methods that will help you, we will show you some of the ways that will help you to be more flexible day by day.

What do you need to be more flexible?

Instructions for Being More Flexible

  1. The first thing to keep in mind is that to be more flexible you have to keep your body moving, and that doesn’t just mean walking or grooming, but all your muscles. Start by doing calisthenics, to do this jump while opening your legs and close them when you go down, also open your arms while jumping. When you feel that your legs are warm, you can stretch.
  2. You should never do stretching exercises without first warming up your muscles, as this could end in a severe muscle tear.
  3. Depending on which part of our body we want to be more flexible, it is the one we will train most often, but we must exercise our whole body. If you want to have more flexible legs, sit on the floor with your legs open and slowly lower your torso, you will feel how the tendons in your legs stretch.
  4. In case this is too painful for you, then just do the same movement but bringing your feet together and bringing them close to your pelvis, then lower your torso little by little. Do this exercise for five minutes.
  5. To have a more flexible back we will start by standing and keeping our legs as straight as possible, then we will lower our back little by little by hunching it trying to touch our knees with our head. We’ll do five repetitions of this movement.
  6. To have more flexible arms you will stretch your arm trying to bring it towards your opposite shoulder, for this you will use the other forearm. Repeat this movement five times with each arm
  7. Direct your arms back and interlace your fingers, with your legs straight bend your torso as in the previous back movement, but this time lift your arms back keeping them straight, as if you wanted to bring them towards your head. This will give flexibility in your back and arms.
  8. Visit our cardio and jogging category to learn more about the correct practice of this sport after you have done the appropriate stretches.

Tips for Being More Flexible

  • You can practice martial arts, gymnastics, Pilates, or yoga to gain flexibility and agility.


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