The Most Lethal Martial Arts in The World.

The Most Lethal Martial Arts In The World.

Finding an exact list that shows which are the most lethal martial arts in the world is quite complex. Since as far as contact sport is concerned, there are many factors that must be taken into account, so positioning one art over another is more complex than you think. It is not as simple as going and choosing the first one that crosses you, we must consider physical, mental and even in some cases spiritual factors.

The Most Lethal Martial Arts In The World.

However, and despite how difficult it could be to choose the most lethal martial art, within the wide repertoire that exists today. The truth is that we have ventured to provide you with a list with all those that could be considered lethal. So, from now on, each martial art shown can be considered just as lethal as the others.

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Most lethal martial arts: Krav Maga.

Krav maga is a fighting style that is used and practiced as a means of hand-to-hand combat for the Israeli army. This style of martial art stands out for focusing on a more effective hand-to-hand fight, ie. Each of his movements is designed to be able to exert the greatest possible pain to the opponent, executing movements or blows to specific points of his body. In this way the krav maga becomes a martial art worthy of appearing in this list.

El Muay Thai.

Whoever has a minimum of knowledge in martial arts knows that in any list of the most lethal martial arts Muay Thai has to appear yes or yes. This martial art that is also known as Thai boxing, is characterized by the use of all the limbs of the body. Which means valid the use of elbows and knees to exert certain movements or attacks. This makes the impacts or blows received brutal, being common for the fighters themselves to bleed during their confrontations.

The main goal in Muay Thai is to knock down the opponent as quickly as possible. So, most of their techniques consist of brutal hammer-type attacks, which can be considered as very violent. This martial art is usually seen a lot and has become popular in MMA, in championships organized by the UFC.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu or as it is also abbreviated BJJ, is a martial art that has earned its fame and popularity. Phrase which has never been said better, because this art focuses on the use of one’s own body, since it is fought on land. This means that smaller fighters have an advantage when practicing Brazilian jiu jitsu, and it is this martial art that allows smaller fighters to knock down and defeat larger ones.

One of the fighters who has brought fame to this martial art is the legendary Royce Gracie, who was the winner of the first, second and fourth UFC confrontation (The Ultimate Fighting Championship).


It may be surprising that more than one thing related to ninjas appears in this list. And while it is true that ninjutsu could be considered an obsolete or outdated martial art, I must mention that this article only lists the most lethal martial arts, not only those in force but those of a lifetime. So, knowing that, ninjutsu can perfectly have a space in this entrance.

Here honor and clean fighting are set aside, as stealth and surprise are paramount as far as ninjutsu is concerned. And of course, after all, ninjas were popularly known for being sloaky killers.

In these arts also highlights the use of body-to-body weaponry, coming to carry katanas, cunays, scythes, among other types of tools typical of ninjas.

The Eskrima.

Any martial art that involves the use of any tool will generally be considered lethal. Since obviously carrying a tool for combat is an advantage, that is what happens with the eskrima. This fighting style is native to the Philippine Islands, and its greatest distinguishing feature is the use of a wooden rod as the main weaponry.

However, it also has a repertoire of movements and techniques by hand unarmed, so even if they are characteristic wooden rod, it is still an art to take into account.

This is how we conclude with the writing of this entry. We hope that everything explained and commented in this article has been to your liking and interest. If you have been wanting more, here I leave you: The best contact sports.


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