The Best Exercises to Enhance Breasts

The Best Exercises To Enhance Breasts

Due to social pressure, low self-esteem or for other reasons, many women resort to the operating room to get the look and figure they want so much. Many of them spend thousands of euros on very painful interventions to look as they dream.

The Best Exercises To Enhance Breasts

They do not care about the pain of a postoperative period, nor how much they have to invest to reach the standard of beauty that society has been responsible for establishing. Among the most requested operations is rhinoplasty, lip augmentation, waste reduction, buttock lift, double chin liposuction and breast augmentation and enhancement.

Many women who have small breasts suffer from low self-esteem. The same happens to those who, for one reason or another, have sagging breasts. Although this is a very common situation and can be remedied with the use of an appropriate bra, some go further and decide to take drastic measures, such as those already mentioned.

But what if you don’t have the resources to enhance your breasts? Should you resign yourself to being dissatisfied with them for the rest of your life? Is there a workaround that is within your reach? You’ll be happy to know that the answer to this question is yes.

There are different exercises that are specifically aimed at enhancing the chest. So, in a few months, you can show off the breasts you want so much, without having to pay for operations or having to go through painful recoveries.

Now, if you do not have the slightest idea of what kind of exercises are recommended for this purpose, you do not have to worry. Through this short and simple post, I will be explaining everything you need to know about the subject. Therefore, pay close attention so that you do not miss a detail.


Sagging breasts is a very common problem in women. In fact, very few enjoy the joy of having firm and turgid breasts. However, more than being an aesthetic problem, this situation can seriously affect a woman’s self-esteem, as well as the way she relates to other people.

Although many, mistakenly, think that the loss of firmness of the woman’s breast is due to the effect of gravity, the truth is that there are different reasons for it to happen. Some of them are:

  • Genetics.
  • Aging.
  • Changes in breast structure during pregnancy or breastfeeding.
  • The size of the bust
  • Weight changes.
  • The practice of impact sport without proper restraint, etc.


Some of the exercises you can do to enhance the bust are the following:

  1. The chest firming: sitting in a chair, rest your back on the backrest so that it stays as straight as possible. Keep your stomach inward and your feet flat on the floor. Then, take a weight in each hand and raise them to chest height, making sure your elbows form a 90º angle. Raise your arms, without stretching them completely. Hold the position for 5 seconds and slowly lower to the starting position.
  2. The opening of the chest: in the same position of the previous exercise and with the elbows flexed, open your arms to the sides while you inhale and, when closing your arms, exhale.
  3. Push-ups: Stand in front of the wall and spread your feet apart at hip height. Place the palm of your hands at shoulder height with your arms stretched and parallel to each other.

Then, flex your elbows slowly, without moving your hands from the wall. When you reach the lowest possible point, count to 3 and climb again.

These are just some of the exercises you can do to enhance your breasts. But what else do you need to know?

What You Need

In addition to the exercises that I have already mentioned, you need to know that there are other very simple ones, which you can do from home and that, in the same way, have the purpose of reaffirming the bust. Among them are:

Arm stretching

The first thing you should do is get two weights of 2 kilos each. Then, sit in a chair with your back straight and your feet flat on the floor. Take the weights with your hands and stretch your arms, press them above your head, count to 3 and return to the starting position.

Chest weight lifting

Sit with your back straight, while holding in your hands a weight that is between 2 and 5 kilos, depending on what your possibilities are.

Stretch your arms to the sides and bend your elbows to a 90º angle. Raise your arms above your head and then return to the starting position. Keep in mind that the arms should not go too low. Ideally, they should always be at shoulder height.

Standing butterfly

While standing, spread your legs shoulder apart and bend your knees a little. Take a weight in each hand and stretch your arms at shoulder height and then bring them towards the center of the chest, keeping in mind that the arms should always be parallel to the floor and then extended outwards.

But, besides these simple exercises to perform, what else can you do to enhance your breasts? The following recommendations will help you speed up the process.


Some of the things you can do, to counteract this evil that affects most women, are:

  • Wear a bra. Wear one that matches your exact size to wear throughout the day. However, it is also recommended that you use it when you go to sleep or exercise.
  • Apply a moisturizer to your chest every day. This, in order that the skin of that area always remains elastic.
  • Avoid harmful habits, such as smoking cigarettes, as smokers’ skin always tends to be laxer than others.


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