The Back and Its Exercise Routines

The Back And Its Exercise Routines

In case you do not know, almost all our parts of the body must be exercised, it is not simply the arms, chest and abdomen, but also the back. Because in the end, you will begin to look very strange, having those mentioned parts well worked, while the rest are weak, thin or not worked. It would be as if you saw someone with the part of the waist up well worked but their legs are too thin.

The Back And Its Exercise Routines

And the same happens if we invest, we see well-worked legs, but the rest of the body is very thin. That is why people must do a varied routine, if one day you are going to work arms, it has to be different exercises of which work different areas of the arm, and the same happens with the rest of the body. So that all the muscles work well.

If you do not know anything about exercise it is better that you search the internet for exercise routines on each part of the body that you want to exercise. If you have a coach or someone you know who is a professional in the area it would be better. But if you do not have it, then in this article you will know about several exercises that work on the back.

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Dead weight

This being the best option to gain more thickness on your back. You simply need to stand in front of a bar, remember that you must have your feet at the same height where your shoulders are. Then you contract your abs, stick out your chest and bend your knees so you can get to the bar.

This same you are going to grab it in a prone way (the thumbs must be facing each other) Having to be slightly wider than your shoulders.

To execute the exercise, you must lift the bar that is on the floor, having to straighten your legs. When the bar is close to your knees, you will straighten the knees while at the same time stretching your back.

When you’re completely vertical, you’re going to stop. And you hold the position for 2 seconds, remember to bring the shoulder blades together to have extra stimulation in the upper sword

And controlled you are going to place the bar back on the floor, flexing your back and bending your thighs.

This exercise is done 3 or 4 sets and repetitions until you can no more.

Rowing with bar

You’re going to have a little bend in your knees, and you’re going to lean forward, trying to form a 45-degree angle between your trunk and the ground. And you keep your back straight, your chest must be stuck out and your head straight, and it has to be facing forward.

At the time of doing it, you will hold the same bar with the same prone grip, only that your hands must be somewhat separated at the height of your shoulders.

Then you raise the bar along your thighs until it reaches the navel, that’s when your biceps and forearms are going to hold the weight, and you don’t have to contract them.

Then you will throw the bar with the help of your elbows (not the biceps)

And at the top you will gather your shoulder blades and hold the contraction for 2 seconds before you have to lose your weight.

In this exercise you will perform 4 sets and the repetitions you can.

Shrug with bar

Our upper trapezius muscle is very easy to work without the need to do it directly, since almost in all exercises this muscle also receives stimulation. But if you want to work a little more, then this is for you.

You are going to stand in front of our bar with your feet that are at the height of your shoulders, you are going to contract your abs, you stick out your chest, you keep your back straight and you bend your knees until you manage to reach the bar.

You will hold your ef in prone grip, and slightly wider than the width of your shoulders.

In the execution, you will lift your shoulders (shrink) as far as you can, hold the contraction for 3 seconds, and in that time, you will squeeze your back as much as you can.

You will lower the bar and let the weight stretch your trapezoids.

You do this exercise in an amount of 3 sets, and in the repetitions, they will be as far as you can.

Doing the repetitions for a specific number can be somewhat useless, it is much better to do it as far as you can, since this way you can work the muscle better and you can stimulate it better, than reaching the amount and do not feel much pain.

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