How To Train Your Legs – Tables, Tips and Tricks

How To Train Your Legs – Tables, Tips And Tricks

Sometimes how to train the legs is one of the most recurrent questions when we start our workouts, since it is a fundamental part of our body. The key is to work all the muscles of our lower body together to obtain all the benefits we are looking for.

How To Train Your Legs – Tables, Tips And Tricks

We must be clear about several things about how to train the legs since, having strong and defined legs, will help us to get a more proportionate and harmonious body. Having well-developed muscles in our lower body will also give us a global strength that we can use to perform different activities.

Knowing how to run, ride a bike, walk, etc., needs us to have very well formed legs with worked muscles so that we can perform the exercises without future injuries. It is also good for us, if we do not know very well what to do when we ask ourselves how to train the legs, work our lower train if our work activity requires it, to avoid back problems, sprains, ligament ruptures, etc.

If when asking ourselves how to train the legs, we also wonder about the benefits it can have for our body. Working the lower body gets us to increase the presence of testosterone in our body, which has several positive consequences on our body.

In the case that we are men, testosterone will improve the growth of our muscles. On the other hand, in the case of women, it improves blood circulation which, in turn, improves the state in which our hips and buttocks are located.

We must bear in mind that not working our legs but the upper train, do not take advantage of the benefits we get by training the legs. For example, heavy multi-joint exercises greatly favor the hormonal release once we finish the training, which favors fat burning and muscle formation.

We must also bear in mind that if, for example, we want to gain speed to run or perform speed activities, we need to work our legs at the same time as our upper train. Since we forget how to train the legs, our body will also lose speed capacity.

If we want to maximize our results, we must introduce into our training routines the exercises for our legs that best benefit us. These leg workouts have to be intense, since we are training muscles larger than those of the upper body and we must provide them with greater strength.

What do you need to train your legs – Tables, Tips and Tricks?

  • Sportswear and comfortable with which we can exercise without problem.
  • Comfortable and sporty shoes.
  • An exercise table that serves as a guide to avoid causing unnecessary injuries.
  • Hydration.
  • A good diet, based on everything we need for our body to function properly.

Leg Training Instructions – Tables, Tips and Tricks

  1. Leg routines exist so that we can work all the muscles of our lower train: from the thigh muscles to the calves.
  2. We must take into account four fundamental things for these routines: being well hydrated, taking a 10-second break between series, a 1-minute break between exercises and taking great care of our back in each and every one of the exercises we perform, strengthening our legs is important, but the rest of our body too.
  3. The first thing we should do is warm up for about 5 or 10 minutes; Take the time you need to do all the exercises you need until you feel like you’re ready to start your exercise routine.
  4. The warm-up should consist, on the one hand, of stretching the buttocks and legs, performing 10 repetitions with each of our legs.
  5. Next, and to complete our warm-up, it would be good to do 3 sets of 10 repetitions each, with a small break of no more than 10 seconds between them, of full squats without load or weight.
  6. Once we finish our warm-up, we can take a breath for a minute, take the opportunity to hydrate if we need it, and start with our leg routine.
  7. The first exercise we can do is the “half squat”: 5 sets of 15 repetitions each, with 10 seconds of rest between sets, will allow us to finish warming up and start training in a very safe way.
  8. Being the first exercise that we will begin to do with some weight, it would be good if we were changing the weight (from less to more, until reaching the maximum weight of 1 kilo, for example) throughout the 5 series, as we feel during them.
  9. Next, we can continue with the “Roman chariot”; A very effective exercise for our legs and with which, if we work about 4 sets of 15 repetitions each using a maximum weight, we will achieve great results in a short time.
  10. We can continue with the leg extensions in another gym device or adapt it to our home, and do it with 15 repetitions during 4 series.
  11. If we want to work the part of our thighs, known as “Femoral Curl“, is our perfect exercise: perform 15 repetitions during 4 sets and you will see how your thighs begin to “burn”, that means that you are doing the exercise very well.
  12. Another exercise with great benefits for our legs is the elevation of heels while holding a bar with our shoulders: if we perform about 20 repetitions with a medium weight for 4 series, we will get the results we are looking for.
  13. Finally, we can perform the heel lift with the bar on the thighs: 4 sets with medium weight and 20 repetitions each, will get us to exercise our legs enough for that day.
  14. Once this last exercise is finished, it is time to return to calm. We can do it while stretching to avoid future injuries and, in addition, we manage to oxygenate our cells and hydrate us.
  15. We should not perform this routine every day; The ideal is to do it 2 times a week and, above all, not always follow the same order of the exercises. The ideal is to change the order so that the muscles do not get used to being active at the same time always.

Leg Training Tips – Tables, Tips and Tricks

If we have any ailment or injury in the back, it is better that we contact our doctor before starting this type of routine.
We must always have good hydration, that will favor our cells their work and get our body to work at high performance.
Never train only one leg a week, the exercises have to be for both legs because otherwise one is overloaded a lot and the other almost does not develop.
The exercise routines for the legs, so that they have a positive effect and we do not suffer injuries, the ideal is to perform them twice a week at most; It also depends on the rest of the exercises we do the rest of the week and what we work the legs indirectly in all those exercises.
If we notice that there is any part of our legs that we are not working, we can always perform isolated exercises for buttocks and lower back with deadlifts so that we can work them without hurting ourselves.
Do not perform fasting workouts, as it involves a large expenditure of energy and we will need to go with a certain amount of proteins and carbohydrates to be able to perform all routines without exercise.


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