How To Train in The Gym

How To Train In The Gym

It’s just as important to know what you need to do to improve as it is to do it just as well. And why do we say this? Because it is not uncommon to be able to see and hear, how many people who go to the gym (even for years) always look the same and comment or get angry, saying that they cannot improve for one thing or another (excuses).

How To Train In The Gym

Most of them, it is true, that perhaps do not know. But many, believe that they do know and know nothing about it. For that reason, they do not get results and they will never have it if they continue like this.

Instructions for training in the gym

  1. The frequent thing when many (both men and women) have not obtained changes or improvements for a long time, it is because things are not really being done well.
  2. In fact, it is common to see somewhat absurd things, such as, for example, saying that you go to the gym and leave your skin and the truth is that it is very different … What they do is go daily, but they only do half an hour of bicycle, or half an hour walking on the treadmill and with that, they assume that they will achieve results in the long run.
  3. The first thing you should consider and change the chip is that, if you always do the same thing, if you have a monotony, the body will not change. Because as we say many times, the body has memory. He gets used to it and settles in. As much as you do the same, the body already knows what you are doing and you do not surprise it. You need to change the chip to surprise your metabolism.
  4. If what you want is for your body to start changing, you should know that machines such as bicycles and treadmills will not serve you. You must surprise and do the opposite because it should be, that your body has become accustomed and you have to surprise your metabolism, which begins to accelerate and, in that way, will begin to burn calories, fat and lose weight.
  5. In case you want to lose weight or, start turning your body into more fitness, tone it, increase muscle mass, etc. To do this, leave the machines (unless it is to warm up or to finish the training a little) and focus on strength.
  6. Exercises with strength and endurance are most of the time, the great forgotten. Deadly sin! If you want changes, sign it up and start right now. Of course, before you start crazy, if you do not know what to do or how to do it, do not stop asking your monitor. Let him be the one who helps you and thus, you will avoid injury.
  7. When we talk about exercises with strength and resistance, yes, they are those areas where many flee terrified by different opinions. Women, because they think that strength is synonymous with getting “made a mázinguer”, a “billet”, huge, bodybuilder, etc. In the XXI century and still have these false beliefs.
  8. Not only will that not happen, but doing it and using dumbbells, bars, weights, etc. It is possible to accelerate the metabolism, burn fat time even after having already exercised, strengthens the body, tones, etc. It is, in short, great to improve physical condition and condition it.
  9. In the case of men, it is generally seen unlike women, in the area of bars and dumbbells. The problem lies precisely in that. In that they focus too much from the waist up and forget that they have more body and are totally decompensated … Very unsymmetrical figures. Wide at the top and thin at the bottom.
  10. In the case of women, on the other hand, they tend to focus more on machines and do cardio as if it were their life in it. That way, they don’t achieve their goals either. They believe that they will lose weight, tone up… And then they complain about why they do not achieve their purposes and end up losing more weight or achieving what they are looking for.
  11. To achieve this, you have to use weights, dumbbells, bars, elastic bands and, above all, weight and do it well.
  12. Do not forget that doing a lot of cardiovascular exercises does not mean that you are going to lose weight and lose weight. If you think about it, maybe it has happened to you, that, for a long time doing the same thing, even if it is a long time or even hours, you no longer lose weight. Forget about doing the same. Get on the treadmill, elliptical trainer or stationary bike, cardio classes or running, just to warm up a little or to finish the exercises, for up to half an hour. No need to kill yourself. It is absurd.
  13. There is no exercise that helps you lose fat from a specific area. You cannot lose for example abdomen, legs, arms, buttock … There are no miracles and they do not make you believe otherwise. When you exercise, if you want to lose a specific area of the body, you will lose it overall. In general. If you can get with time and, above all, perseverance, that better parts of the body, but it will never be of a specific part.
  14. Do not forget to also do pectorals, dorsal, back, lumbar … Those parts seem invisible to women. Practically, they never remember to work them and, nevertheless, they are vital to obtain a beautiful body. In addition, also these exercises such as lumbar, help a lot to back pain and core.
  15. The gym should therefore be based on having what you really need. It doesn’t have to be the most expensive. You just have to know what to do inside it and do it well.

What do you need to train in the gym?

  • Wear sportswear.
  • Sneakers.
  • Train the whole body. Do not focus only on some areas of the body.
  • Ask for help if you don’t know what to do or how. The coach is there to lend you a hand and advise you.

Tips for training in the gym

Don’t let yourself be teased. Doing two hours of exercise is not going to be good. It will be harmful. Not only that, you will end up exhausting yourself and your body will suffer and you will end up injuring yourself.

The time you need will depend on your physical condition and your conditions. But practically, for everyone it is the same. A warm-up (essential to avoid injury), exercise and then, do not forget the stretches that are vital to avoid overloads or injuries. About five minutes of warm-up and stretching, also five minutes. And training, with about forty-five minutes, are enough. In total, an hour is more than fine.

Do not forget, of course, that you must wear appropriate attire and accessories. Go in sportswear, the one you like the most: tights, tracksuit, shorts, sports body, breathable shirts, sports shoes … And although we have not yet mentioned it, we must not forget of course, that no exercise in the gym will take effect if a healthy diet and good daily hydration are not maintained. Minimum two liters of water and control alcoholic and carbonated beverages.

Don’t rush or rush. If you haven’t exercised much or haven’t exercised in a while, take it easy. It is better to go little by little, doing things right and avoid injuring yourself, overloading yourself, not suffering cramps and being consistent with the exercises in the gym. If you are very lost or lost, do not hesitate to ask the trainer at the gym. They will help you and can advise you to get the improvements you need.


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