How To Start Training on A Treadmill

How To Start Training On A Treadmill

treadmill is a fitness machine that allows us to run inside closed cabins, while allowing us to make adjustments to the intensity of the exercise. Once we have explained how to choose a treadmill, it is time to give you some basic guidelines so you know how to start training on a treadmill.

How To Start Training On A Treadmill

This type of machines are one of the most used in gyms, but more and more people decide to buy one to have it in their home. In this way it is possible to exercise and do cardio without having to suffer the inclement weather or depend on it.

Treadmills are a great option for improving our cardiovascular condition, but it is also one of the most suitable general warm-up exercises to prepare for the practice of other routines or sports. However, by itself, this machine offers many training possibilities, being able to do speed adjustments, time training, inclination of the treadmill, high intensity training and intervals, etc.

Although we have already explained how to use treadmills, below we will explain how you can start training on a treadmill, which will depend on your goals.

Instructions for starting treadmill training

Next, we are going to talk about different training options that depend on the objectives you want to achieve. In this case we are going to give you the indications for different purposes, so that you can choose the one that best suits what you really need.

Preparation to run 5 kilometers

With a training of ten weeks, with three workouts per week and a rest day between each of them. In this way you can improve your physical condition and you can start running a distance of 5 kilometers at a good pace. When facing this type of training it is advisable to take into account the pulsations and not the mileage of the treadmill.

The steps to follow for this are the following:

  1. First you must warm up for 2 minutes, then jog 5 minutes of very gentle jogging.
  2. Then you will have to run for 3 minutes at a medium pace, and then accelerate to run another three minutes, making your heart rate reach 80%.
  3. Then, once these three minutes have passed, you will have to slow down the treadmill, and run again at medium pace for another three minutes.
  4. Repeat accelerating and slowing down every three minutes until you reach three repetitions.
  5. Once you have done the three repetitions mentioned, it will be time to move on to running at a gentle pace for 5 minutes.
  6. Then do a new series, in this case at 85% of your heart rate for 5 minutes.
  7. Finally, run at a gentle pace for 10 minutes, and conclude by cooling down by walking for two minutes.

This process must be done the three days of the first week. For the second you will have to run five minutes at 90% capacity. With the passing of the weeks, you will see a clear improvement, and once the ten weeks of training are finished you can run at a good pace a 5-kilometer race.

Hill training

If you want to perform a hill training, you will have to vary the inclination of the treadmill, something that will help you when it comes to developing greater resistance, but will also help to raise the rate of metabolism, with the consequent increase in the burning of calories, higher than those of a conventional training.

In case you want to exercise this way and start training with slopes on a treadmill, what you should follow is this other plan:

  1. First you will have to warm up for two minutes at a pace that is comfortable for you.
  2. Then you will have to, for 5 minutes, start running with the treadmill completely flat and at a medium pace.
  3. Raise the incline of the treadmill to 4 or 5%, and then run for a minute and a half at a fast pace so that it is some effort, around 85% of your capacity. After this time, return the treadmill to 0% and reduce the pace to a very gentle recovery treatment. Keep it for 3 minutes.
  4. You must repeat this series in a total of 8 times, running fast for 80 seconds with inclination and resting with gentle jogging with 3 minutes in each of them.
  5. Once you complete all eight sets, it should be time to run smoothly and without incline for 5 minutes.
  6. Finally, to cool down and return to calm you will have to walk for two minutes.

The training in total lasts 50 minutes. This type of training helps you both when climbing hills and improve your physical condition in general.


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