How To Regain Fitness After a Break

How To Regain Fitness After A Break

For different reasons we can find situations in which we have stopped practicing sports, and although we look for how to fulfill the purpose of exercising more there are aspects to take into account in order to recover physical fitness.

How To Regain Fitness After A Break

After talking about how to motivate yourself to exercise and how to be consistent when doing sports, in this case we are going to teach you how to recover physical shape after a break. First of all, you should know that physical form does not return from one day to the next, but you must take it easy and follow a series of guidelines to achieve your goals.

Consolidate the habit of doing sports

Regaining fitness after a sports break will take longer than it costs to lose it. After a period in which we have not had activity, it is key to follow a series of tips to consolidate the habit of doing sports and get us to enjoy all its benefits.

In this sense, it is recommended that we set realistic objectives that allow us to advance progressively, in addition to maintaining consistency and starting with the activity that we like the most to avoid the risk that we leave the deport activity shortly after starting.

The speed with which the form is recovered will depend on different factors, among which is the physical state in which we find ourselves when we return to activity, as well as the one we had when it was left; and of course, downtime.

Also, it should be borne in mind that the reason that caused the abandonment of the exercise also influences; And it is not the same to have completely left the sport due to an illness than to have done it for work reasons or vacations, and to have continued to have an active life.

Evolution when recovering the form

As with the loss of shape after stopping exercising, and that causes some abilities to be lost first than others, when trying to recover the shape the same thing happens. To begin with, one of the first manifestations that show us improvement is the decrease in heart rate and pulsation, which shows us that the heart responds better to effort.

During the first two or three weeks, cardiorespiratory fitness is improved, and we must know how to listen to the body and know how to interpret the messages it gives us constantly. Starting to notice improvement in strength and muscle development takes longer, in addition to doing specific activities for it.

Tips for getting back in shape

If you want to know how to recover physical shape after a break, the tips you should follow are the following:

Avoid starting too strong

To achieve the benefits when it comes to recovering the form is to have perseverance and follow a progressive rhythm. After a break it is usual to start strongly, but this poses a significant risk of injury and physical exhaustion, since we are not prepared to withstand a high level of intensity.

Listen to your body

It is essential to know how to listen to the body. For this reason, you should start practicing sports progressively and regularly in short periods. It is preferable to practice a little sport daily or on alternate days than to do a single workout a week of too much intensity.

Dynamic activities

A recommendation when looking for how to recover physical shape after a break is to make a commitment to a dynamic activity. Among them are swimming, running or just walking.

Regardless of the option chosen, you will have to do it progressively, so that you can improve aerobic capacity and endurance to the sport. It is advisable to start by practicing 30 minutes a day or alternate days for a week, and then increase the time progressively.

In this aspect, it is easier for a person who has already practiced sports on a regular basis to know their body and the limits it has. From there, to achieve progress, you can play with both training times and intensity.

Simple and easy to achieve goals

One recommendation is to set realistic goals from the outset. In this way you can evolve while maintaining motivation. It is essential that you establish simple goals in the principles to be able to achieve them, being preferable to create small goals than a large and difficult one to achieve.

A complicated start

The benefits of physical activity even on an emotional level are more than evident, even from the first workout. However, you may not notice it immediately and it is necessary to give the body enough time.

The body will gradually get used to physical exercise, thus getting back into shape little by little.


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