How To Get Started in Trail Running

How To Get Started In Trail Running

If we talk about sports that have been gaining popularity in recent years, we must make special mention of trail running. After talking about how to train running or how to improve running endurance, now we are going to do the same on how to start trail running. Remember the importance of knowing how to feed yourself to practice running and keep in mind the different tips to get started.

How To Get Started In Trail Running

First of all, you should know that this beautiful sport allows us to get in touch with nature, a feature that is very well appreciated by many runners. However, you have to be aware that the race for the mountain is not the same as doing it for the road, since the characteristics vary.

Preparation before starting trail running

Before starting to start practicing trail running completely, it is important to follow a series of guidelines so that it is an activity that can really satisfy us. The first thing you should do is a medical examination.

It is always important to know the state in which we are before starting to do a sport. We must be aware that trail running is a sport that will require constant changes of pace, which will make the heart work. In addition, it is highly recommended to have a heart rate monitor with an activity clock, which will help us take care of our health while we can continue our training.

Once you take into account these indications you can start practicing this sport.

Basic tips to start trail running

Once you know the above, it is time for you to know a series of basic tips to get started in trail running. Although it may seem that running is a simple sport that has no complications, it really is not.

The race requires knowing the limits of the body of each one, and also having an appropriate technique. To all this we must add a series of tips to keep in mind:


Although there are those who think that running can be a boring activity or who are pessimistic when it comes to achieving your goals; You should know that running and getting in touch with nature can be a very pleasant activity.

Running is the easiest, healthiest and cheapest way to do sports; and by opting for trail running, you can enjoy unique landscapes while pure and clean air; And all this in an environment that can give you maximum peace of mind, an excellent way to disconnect.

Run close to home

In the event that you live in a small town, this will be an advantage when you start trail running, since in this way you can quickly access routes through the natural environment.

You will have very easy to quickly get away from the hustle and bustle or the cars to make your way through the mountain; And if you live in the outskirts, you will not have to take the car. If not, try to find a way to move to nearby places to start learning to enjoy trail running.

Wear the right clothes

A very important point if you want to know how to start trail running is to take into account the weather conditions of the mountain, which can be unpredictable. For this reason, you must be prepared both to suffer a lot of heat and to face low temperatures.

In fact, currently the vast majority of athletes who practice mountain activities make use of a three-layer system. This system consists of keeping the body dry and at a good temperature using three garments of different characteristics.

Also, keep in mind that in summer or with sunny conditions it is preferable to choose to wear light and cheerful colors, which help repel heat and avoid the absorption of solar radiation. It is also advisable to use thin and light shirts to enjoy greater breathability.

However, conditions can change from one moment to another, so even in summer it is recommended to carry a waterproof jacket in your backpack. Currently it is easy to find models that are light, thin and very easy to transport.

On the other hand, in winter you have to bet on the three-layer system. The first layer is the shirt that is responsible for drying sweat and keeping the body dry; the second layer, which is a jacket that seeks to keep the body warm; and the third layer, which is the outer one and whose function is not to let snow or rain pass. For the lower part of the clothing, tights are recommended in most cases, for their lightness and comfort.

It is also important to make use of the right accessories. In winter it is recommended to use gloves and hat and in summer sunglasses.

Choosing good footwear

It will be useless to wear the best clothes if you do not do the same with footwear. It is very important to choose the right footwear, which must be comfortable and have several options. For when it rains it will be advisable to bet on models with Gore Tex or similar membranes that prevent water from penetrating, making the foot stay dry. In summer, however, it will be preferable to bet on footwear that offers greater breathability.

When buying it you will also have to pay great attention to the sole, to choose the one that best suits you and the places where you are going to practice this sport.


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