How To Firm the Buttocks

How To Firm The Buttocks

The buttocks are one of the muscles of the body that most make the difference between a beautiful body and a body that is not so much. This part of the body is known to all of us and everyone wants to have firm and toned buttocks.

How To Firm The Buttocks

The gluteus is commonly known as the buttocks and is a muscle that is divided into two equal hemispherical parts, which are separated by the anus. The gluteus is a very strong muscle that is used a lot when walking and exercising.

However, with age and sedentary lifestyle, this is a muscle that falls and loses the firmness that previously characterized it. The muscle becomes smaller, less firm and in the end, this results in quite ugly buttocks.

If you want to have a perfect ass this article and a lot of effort will help you get it.

The problem with this is that both men and women consider beautiful buttocks as something attractive. Men like a woman with firm and well-trained buttocks, while girls enjoy a man who has proportionate legs with his torso and a firm buttock.

Moreover, many men hate women who do not have firm buttocks, being a great possibility to discard when choosing a suitor. In the case of women, something similar happens, the best example being gym boys who do not train their legs, which have a very developed torso, but do not have a leg and look disproportionate.

For this reason, whether you are a man or a woman, it is a good idea to work your buttocks so that they recover the firmness they had before. If you have never had it firm, do not worry, as you can also make them firm and beautiful. You just have to follow these tips very carefully and you will achieve it.

Instructions for firming the buttocks

  1. Do squats:
    Squats are the best exercise for the gluteus, without any possible discussion. This exercise consists of loading weight on a bar on your back and lowering until your knees and buttock form a right angle, better known as parallel. The squat is good for the whole leg, but especially for this muscle, since it is the one that makes practically all the force when going up and down. Be sure to throw your buttock back when you go down, keeping your back straight at all times, because if you pull your back you could lead to injuries. In addition, go down to the parallel and do not stay half as many people do, because if you stay halfway, the leg will not train correctly and you will not look these firm buttocks. Start with a low weight, since it is better to master the exercise first than to put many kilos. Once you master the exercise with a certain weight, increase the weight to be able to do at least 10 repetitions with that weight without failing the technique. Perform the squats once or twice a week, on leg day.

Hip trush:
This is an exercise that, although it is not well known in the world of ordinary people, in the world of the gym is one of the best exercises known for gluteus. The hip trush or hip movement, consists of loading a bar with weight in the hip area, placing it just above. We will place ourselves sitting in a position of 45 degrees with space between the lower back and the floor, to be able to go up and down. It is best to lightly support the upper back and stay with that angle. Now we are going to place the bar and we are going to climb with force with the hip up, until you stay straight. Then you will go down to the starting position and repeat again. This exercise is so good because it is isolation of the buttock, serving very well for people who have trouble using the buttock correctly in the squat. In addition, here you will check the strength of the buttock, checking how you can load real weight on the bar and lift them without problems with the buttock. Again, try to start with a weight that you control well and when you master it, move on to the next weight to be able to have everything controlled and be able to develop more strength. Perform this exercise also on leg day, just after the squats is a good option.

Perform sprints:
Although the high-intensity exercise of running very fast is more for the quadriceps than for the glutes, it does indirectly affect this area. The best thing about this exercise is that you will not need a gym to do it, becoming a good option for people who do not want or cannot go to a gym. The way to do this is by performing sprint intervals of 100 meters, running these 100 meters at the maximum speed you can and then resting a little to do another. Depending on your level, do between 5 and 10 sprits and rest between 1 and 3 minutes, all depending on how trained you are. Doing this a couple of times a week, you will notice how you not only tone and firm the buttock, but you will also lose fat, something that as we are going to explain now, makes you look better.

Lose fat:

In most cases, a buttock that is not firm is due to excess fat in it. In these cases, the buttock is covered by fat that falls down, causing that effect of the fallen buttock that we like so little. What you have to do is be at a low percentage of fat, something that will help you make the buttock look much better.

  1. Dieting: Without dieting it is impossible to lose weight, that’s the bad news. However, the good news is that we do not have to do the typical doctors’ diet of removing things, but what we must do is create a caloric deficit by eating everything. Try to eat 500 fewer calories than you expend, something that will cause you to lose weight. To count calories, use the nutrition information behind the food product you’re consuming and use a kitchen scale to weigh everything you eat. Do not forget about condiments, sauces and others, that also makes you fat.
  2. Do cardio: Apart from doing hit, you must do low-intensity sports to be able to lose weight. Here we have options such as running, cycling or walking long distances. Perform 2 times a week exercise of this type and you will notice how you begin to be much more toned and firmer. Also, lead an active life and do not sit on the couch all day.
  3. Build muscle: In addition to training leg and gluteus, we must train the rest of the body. First of all, for aesthetics, since a beautiful body is proportionate. Secondly, because muscle burns more calories and the more muscle, the more calories we burn at rest and the more we lose weight by eating the same. If you are a girl, do not be afraid, you will not get like a Miss Olympia by training the upper part, but you will get a firmer body in every way. So, whether you are a man or a woman, train your whole body and everything will be better.


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