How To Define the Forearms

How To Define The Forearms

The human body is a true wonder of creation. Each of its parts is perfectly made and has a function. It is not there as a product of chance, but it has a purpose.

How To Define The Forearms

In fact, each part is closely related to the other members of the body, such as fingers, hands, forearms, arms, etc.

While it is true that we can continue to live without a member of the body, the quality of life would not be the same, since each part is necessary, complementary and works in perfect harmony with the rest of the body. Hence the need to take great care of ourselves by being governed by a healthy diet and an appropriate and balanced exercise routine.

In this sense, balance is very important, since we usually give more attention to certain areas of our body, such as the buttocks, chest and abdomen to relate them to today’s beauty standards.

This has resulted in us stopping training certain equally important parts of the body, such as the forearms. This is one of the most forgotten body members. However, the truth is that it depends on them that we have a better grip, which will help us perform different types of tasks more efficiently.

If you like to train your body, you will surely want to know how you can define the forearms. This time we will be sharing with you some strategies that will help you achieve it, whether you go to the gym or not. The idea is that you can count on a perfectly defined body, because the disproportion is usually noticeable to the eyes.

Pay close attention to the following recommendations and be sure to follow them to the letter. Soon, you will begin to see favorable results that will leave you satisfied.

Instructions for defining forearms

As mentioned above, the forearms are usually the muscles that are least directly trained. However, this is a serious mistake, since in multiple exercises it is necessary to use the external auxiliary elements to provide a good grip.

The muscle groups of the forearms are constituted by the anterior, posterior and lateral compartments, which are responsible for the different movements that the hand and the arm itself can perform. For example, flexion of the fingers, elbow joint, wrist, etc.

However, in broad strokes, we can say that the set formed by the elbow and forearm fulfills two different functions that we use constantly, consciously or unconsciously.

These functions are:

  • Flexion and extension of the elbow. It is responsible for changing the functional length of the arm and modifies the distance between the hands and the rest of the body. The humero-ulnar and humero-radial are the joints responsible for providing this movement.
  • Supination and pronation of the forearm. These are the joints between the radius and ulna, which allow the palm to rotate up and down without the elbow joint moving.

Now, in view of their importance, how can we train the forearms to strengthen and define them well? Following the following training routine:

Towel pull-ups

This is a variant of the traditional pull-ups, which adds a certain degree of difficulty. In this case, the muscular area of support is the one that will be responsible for supporting all the weight of our body. To do this, wrap two towels around a fixed bar. Then, grab in each hand and push yourself up while keeping your chest up and shoulders down.

It is necessary that you tighten the towel very well so that you can stand and tighten even more to get up from the ground. Therefore, it is not surprising that in your first attempt you do not manage to perform many repetitions.

If you think it is a very complicated or demanding exercise, you can start by grabbing the towel with one hand and with the other grab the fixed bar. Then, alternate your arm.

If you make an effort to practice this exercise, you will notice a great change in your grip strength and in the development of the size and shape of the forearm.

Forearm curl with bar and one han

Ideally, you should do this exercise with the help of an Olympic barbell due to its weight and length. The purpose is to try to make the curls maintaining balance at all times, that is, that the bar does not tilt either to the right or to the left. The effort we make with the forearm will depend on it.

While it may seem that you are doing bicep curl, and although it is, we will also be exercising your forearms. You can perform 3 sets of 15 repetitions each per arm.

Farmer’s Cargo

If your goal is to get a strong grip and defined forearms, this is a fundamental exercise. Also, this exercise will help you develop a strong abdomen and improves the stability of the shoulders.

To do this, take a dumbbell, which is heavy enough, in each hand. Stand up with your legs straight and start walking.

While you’re at it, keep your abdomen tight, your chest out, and your shoulders back. Maintain that posture at all times.

Doing this exercise will also serve as a warm-up, in order to stimulate the stability of the body in general.

What do you need to be able to carry out these definition exercises for the forearms? We’ll be looking at it right now.

What do you need to define the forearms?

In order to perform an efficient exercise routine, it is necessary that you have the following elements:

  •  Sportswear that is comfortable. Although it may seem insignificant, it will depend on whether you can efficiently perform certain movements related to the exercises and avoid injuries due to lack of good mobility.
  •  Appropriate footwear. Footwear is equally important, because it has a good grip will depend on your stability when exercising. A bad movement can lead to injuries.
  •  Weights and dumbbells. These will help you develop and define more easily the muscles located in the forearm area.
  •  A towel. Not only to dry your sweat, but also to be able to do the pull-ups.
  •  A stable bar on which you can suspend comfortably and without fear of falling to the ground.
  •  Being well hydrated is very important. Especially when the body is subjected to intense physical activity. Monitoring this aspect will make you perform better and prevent fatigue.
  •  Good music and company to keep you super motivated.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic and other reasons, some cannot go to the gym to train. If so, what can you do? Pay close attention to the following recommendations.

Tips for defining forearms

Although in the gym you have a lot of elements that will allow you to exercise and define your forearms more quickly, you can also achieve it while at home, how? Doing these exercises:

  1. Wrist push-ups. Although it is true that there are many exercises of this type, the recommendation is that you start with the most basic to avoid suffering some type of injury or ailments.
  2. Stand leaning against a front wall. Then, push with your fingertips, trying to move a little away from the wall. This exercise will make your wrists move again and again, managing to activate the muscles present in the forearm and activating the blood supply.
  3. As you master this exercise, you can increase the difficulty by doing more repetitions or increase the incline by leaning on lower walls or tables to make the most of the weight of the body.
  4. Lifting a chair. To do this exercise correctly, lie on your stomach while keeping your arms extended over your head. Then, grab a chair by the front legs and try to lift it off the ground as much as possible.
  5. When you get used to this movement, your arms will be stronger. To avoid suffering any injury to the wrist or in the most distal area of the forearm, the recommendation is that you start using chairs that are lightweight.
  6. Dumbbell exercises. These are the basic exercises to define the forearms. However, we do not always have some. In this case, it is to replace them with other objects, such as plastic bottles filled with water or sand.
  7. In order to perform these exercises, you must also have a table, or other support area, which is at chest height. While in this support, extend your arms with the palm of your hands facing up while holding a dumbbell in each hand.
  8. This type of training is very important to get a strong grip and to improve the appearance of the forearms. However, you must be balanced in this regard. It will be enough for you to exercise them about 2 or 3 times a week. In fact, it is ideal.
  9. On the other hand, these exercises should be combined with a series of isometric exercises and wrist push-ups.

If you follow these recommendations to the letter in a very short time you will see the results, a perfectly defined and symmetrical body, ideal to wear during summer days on the beach.

Naturally, defining forearms is not a job that will be accomplished overnight. But, if you are disciplined and try hard enough, you will achieve your goal in less than you can imagine. So, what are you waiting for to start your forearm training? Today is the best day to do so.


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