How To Defend Against an Attack In 5 Moves

How To Defend Against An Attack In 5 Moves

Knowing how to defend yourself is more important than knowing how to knock down an opponent in combat, since the fact of learning self-defense can be very useful when suffering any type of assault when we are on the street or in other unexpected circumstances.

How To Defend Against An Attack In 5 Moves

An attack is something unexpected and, when it takes place, it can cause fear itself to take hold of us and we do not know how to act. However, by acquiring basic knowledge of self-defense it is possible to succeed in this type of situation. For this reason, we are going to give you some indications so that you know how to defend yourself from an attack in 5 movements

General rules before an attack

However, it is important that, first of all, you have cleared some general rules for anyone who suffers an attack:

  • Make a lot of noise. If you are the victim of an attack, you should try to make as much noise as you can. At the same time that you defend yourself, it is important that you shout at your aggressor or give voices, so that you can alert other people about where you are and they can know that you are in danger. In this way, other citizens could come to your aid and stop the attack by someone else.
  • Use head, elbows and knees. The hardest parts of our body are the knees, elbows and head, so you should try to use them as much as you can, and thanks to them you can give a greater impact to your aggressor in the event that you use them in the right way.
  • Try to run away. The main objective before an attack that we may suffer is to try to flee. Therefore, do not focus on killing the other person or revolt, but on trying to flee avoiding greater risks. In this way, if you manage to hurt who attacks you, it is best to take the opportunity to flee and look for a safe place.

Instructions for defending against an attack in 5 moves

Once you are clear about the basic considerations before an attack, you will have to know how to defend against an attack in 5 moves, which are the following:

  1. Hit the aggressor in the nose. The first move to defend yourself from an attack by an aggressor will be to hit his nose. You should do it with the palm of your hand and with a forward movement. The nose is very sensitive, so with a movement as simple as the one mentioned it could even break. In any case, a blow in it will cause the aggressor to be hurt at least for a few seconds and you can take advantage to flee the place.
  2. Reduce with wrist lock. If you manage to act quickly, you can incapacitate your aggressor by blocking his wrist. To do this, the palm of the aggressor must be pulled upwards, then turned and brought to the ground. This will not completely stop the attack in most cases, but it can be combined with another type of attack, such as a headbutt or kick in the groin before escaping.
  3. He sticks a finger in his eye. Something as simple as sticking your finger in your opponent’s eye can stop him from his aggression, as this will be a great pain and hurt him, while he will stop seeing what you are doing. When doing so, there is no need to be afraid to do it with energy, and is that many experts in self-defense recommend using weapons for defense, being able to guarantee that the vision of the aggressor is affected enough to be able to flee.
  4. Headbutt back. When an aggressor catches us from behind, an efficient way to flee is to headbutt back, throwing your head back as hard as possible to hit your face or neck. This should cause him to lose control over his aggression. In the event that the aggressor does not just release you, you can bend down to grab him by the back of his knees or calves and pull towards you as hard as you can. Thus, he could become unbalanced and even fall, thus being able to gain vital time to escape the aggression.
  5. Headbutt forward. On many occasions, the aggressors choose to throw themselves at their victim trying to immobilize them against the wall. In the event that you find yourself in this type of situation, you have different options to turn to. You can push yourself upwards to try to hit with your head on your jaw, or if you have your arms on each of your sides, you should try to hit them as hard as possible in the armpit area, so that you can separate them and this can help you escape.


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