How To Choose a gym

How To Choose A Gym

One of the craziest things when you decide to go to the gym is really knowing which one to go to. It seems the least important and you believe, most of the time, that you will go to the first one you meet or that they tell you, how it tells you, the most modern, etc. But in the end, you cannot afford it, you go and you do not feel comfortable, you do not like the environment, they do not have the classes that you do, it is very far from your home, etc.

How To Choose A Gym

All these points seem silly at first, but of course, if you do not consider it from the first moment, you will end up regretting it.

Always the most advisable thing is to go by yourself to several gyms and see how they are, what they offer you, ask them if they can show you their facilities and their programming. Because maybe they have everything you need and want, but the schedules and days that the classes do not suit you. It wouldn’t make sense, right?

Instructions for choosing a gym

  1. Another very interesting option if you have the opportunity, is to pay for only days and thus test how the machines are and / or classes. This way you won’t have to regret it later or throw money away.
  2. One of the main things you should always do when you have decided that you are going to join a gym is to be clear about certain aspects and of course, nothing happens if you regret it and want to change. You will be neither the first nor the last. The question is to be comfortable, go assiduously and above all, the money is yours. With him do what you want. If you don’t like it, you delete yourself.
  3. Next, really think about what you want to do. What you do or want to do and what your needs or priorities are. Because, for example, it is not the same that you want an increase in muscle mass that you want to maintain or lose kilos. It may seem silly, but it’s not.
  4. Without going any further, if it is a very simple, simple or even somewhat outdated gym, surely, it will not have very good machines or will have very few. If you want to improve and continue improving with volume and muscle mass, then surely you will stay stagnant and you will not achieve more. Therefore, taking a good look at what they offer and what you want or need is very important.
    When you have more or less decided think being as realistic as possible, in the distance.
  5. A somewhat absurd thing is to think that every day or several times a week, you will be willing to make an hour of travel (one way) and another (return) just to go to that “famous” gym or because a friend also goes, because he has a good reputation, etc. Really thinking about it coldly, are you going to do it? Because beware, if there are many people who are willing to travel half an hour round trip (an hour trip) to go to a good gym. And that’s not a bad thing. On the contrary, you can see that they have interest, that they fight for what they want and so on. But surely, it is not normal nor does everyone do it. Better to be realistic.
  6. Look for a gym that is in your radius, that is nearby and even if you can walk better. In fact, what you take, exercising in the round trip.
  7. With all this, already decided can come the big stick. Money. You have to be sensible. There are gyms that, even so, make promotions, especially if they belong to chains. Therefore, go and ask or be attentive to their website. Surely at some point they make a good promotion that may interest you. Usually, many gyms in September do promotions, such as free tuition, some gift classes, half price the first month, discounted bonuses, etc.
  8. If you really like a gym, think about whether you really pay for what you need or are you paying extras that everything adds up at the end of the month and is not so necessary either. To give the most typical examples (and always depending on the gym). There are, that, even paying the monthly payment, you do not get the box office. You must pay it separately and many do it daily or monthly. Well, don’t pay. Take just enough to train and if you live close to home, shower when you arrive.
  9. Do not make the mistake of signing up because you had heard comments, advertising, friends or acquaintances … Surely, you can take a tremendous disappointment. Always, try to get closer and pay a visit to that gym. Many will have no problem letting you make a visit if you are interested in signing up. In this way you can see for your own eyes, the facilities, the common areas, the directed classes they do, such as the different rooms, the capacity … They won’t tell you; you’ll see for yourself.
  10. If you like directed classes, ask well and make sure they do them in the gym. Do not sign up excited and then, do not do them or, the schedules and days do not coincide or come in handy. Therefore, always ask before and make sure.
  11. If you really want to make sure about the machines they have, the ones you are going to use or the classes they can do there, always try to try it before.
  12. How? There are some that do some open door offer or you can train a day for free. The same, if you know another person and have one day to take a person to train for free.
  13. Ask about the price of training just one day. Many gyms have this option and it will come in handy to try everything in your own flesh and decide to sign up or just go single days or not do it anymore.
  14. Although the economic issue is very important, you should not forget that many gyms are good, yes. But also, that they spend a lot of prices for the simple fact of being fashionable, in a modern area … If this is the case, think about whether it is really worth it. Is it really worth what you pay for, or can you do the same in another and cheaper?
  15. The same is the opposite case. That the cheap, does not come out in the end expensive. Sometimes to save a few euros you still get more expensive later … Do the math and do not lose money in the long run for being somewhat stingy at first.

What do you need to choose a gym?

  •  Consider your priorities and needs.
  •  Check before signing up.
  •  Make a visit to be able to decide.
  •  Take advantage of the offers.

Tips for choosing a gym

Make a list and write down the things you need, what you want, what you are looking for, the distance, the price, what you can afford and what you can’t, etc. From there, be realistic.

Whenever you can, go to the gym yourself and ask without problems for the different offers (which can be very interesting). It will also help you to make contact and be able to decide, whether to sign up or not, to go one day with a one-day pass or looking at it in situ to see how its facilities are, the capacity it has, if it is massified or not, the directed classes they do, how the machines are, etc.


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