How NOT To Stretch Pectorals

How NOT To Stretch Pectorals

It is normal that it is not given due attention when it comes to muscle stretching. Either as a way to warm up (or prepare the muscle) before a hard training session. Or with a more therapeutic and muscle recovery purpose. That makes us prone to make mistakes when stretching a muscle or that we are not doing the stretching well. What can lead to endless additional problems and that can take their toll over time … That is why today in we will explain how not to stretch pectorals. Phrase that gives rise to this entry and that will be the axis and focus throughout its paragraphs.

How NOT To Stretch Pectorals

In this case we are going to focus on writing and explaining 5 exercises that we commonly perform in the wrong way when we try to stretch the pectorals. We insist, these are examples of how not to stretch the pectorals. So more than a tutorial or advice, it should be taken as the opposite.

We must bear in mind that the pectorals are a muscle that is constantly subjected to work. Not only when performing a specific exercise, for that area, but also in our day-to-day activities. It is no exaggeration to say that few stop to give it due pre-workout attention. If you want to change that, discover if you really stretch your pectorals as you should, stay and enjoy the information we share here.

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Four ways on how not to stretch pectorals.

As we have said before, in this list we will reveal four exercises that if done well you can achieve a correct stretching of the pectorals. However, we will highlight the failures that are commonly made when trying.

First exercise.

The first exercise consists of standing with your back pointing towards a wall or column, and we will stretch our arm towards the back of the spine and hold it. From here it only remains to turn the torso on the opposite side to the arm.

What you should not do in this exercise is to place your arm straight, almost parallel to the floor, as that can cause damage to the shoulder.

Second exercise.

Again, we will place ourselves in a column or the frame of a door, only this time looking at it from the front. We will place the palm of the hand and the forearm against this column. Later we will push our body forward, making the arm lying on the spine go backwards.

What you should not do in this exercise is to stay straight. It is important that you bend your knees a little and that one leg is at least one step forward and the other step back. That will give you more stability when trying to move forward. In this stretch keep doing it for at least 16 seconds with each pectoral.

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Third exercise.

The next exercise consists of standing up by bending your knee a little. And placing both arms back, with the palms resting exactly in the area of the lower back. In this way it will seem that we are forming two shark fins with our arms. Then we push our lower back forward, this will generate a stretch in both pectorals and we must maintain the tension for at least fifteen seconds.

The way not to stretch the pectoral in this exercise is by forcing the back position of the arms. Really just taking them as far as our body allows it is fine. It is not necessary to carry your shoulders so far back and force the position. The other thing is to try to keep your knees bent. Otherwise, the stretching will be very uncomfortable.

Fourth exercise.

For this exercise, what we must do is lie horizontally, either on the floor or on a training mat and position our hands behind the nape of the neck (or on the head). In this way the only thing left to do is to bring the elbows to the ground, we will feel tension in the area of the pectorals. This exercise should be repeated for at least twice a day with an approximate time of six seconds.

The way not to stretch the pectorals is not to do it lying on some surface. Since it can be uncomfortable to do it standing.

We hope that with all the information described in this post you have been very useful. That way we invite you to comment and share. However, you can also follow more of our publications in “How to Tone the Body”.


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