Biceps And Chest Routine at Home

Biceps And Chest Routine At Home

Every man desire and enjoys strengthening his muscles. More if they are those upper muscles, such as the biceps and chest. Muscles that stand out a lot to the eye and denote strength in the person. That is why today we want to dedicate ourselves to writing an entry where we contemplate some interesting exercises aimed at exercising these muscular areas in our body. If you want to know how it’s done, it’s just a matter of staying until the end.

Biceps And Chest Routine At Home

It is worth mentioning that this routine is not exclusive to men, women can also follow it and achieve important results. We make this clarification by how the article is started, because we know that more men are focused on working these areas of the body.

Another thing to add from this article is that all the exercises presented are a part of a circuit. Which means that the routine is fulfilled after making the circuit about 4 or 5 laps. Complying of course is with the repetitions specified in each exercise. This biceps and chest routine can be done perfectly at home or in a gym. We comment on this because of the reality that is being lived in quarantine. Without more to say Let’s give it!

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Intense biceps and chest routine at home.

Then each of the exercises that make up this routine will be written. The movement shall be described in written form accompanied by a reference image. Mention will also be made of some tips to maintain correct technique and execution of the exercise.

Push Ups (12 repetitions).

This exercise consists of locating some furniture or elevated surface (Example a chair). And place your feet on it. Adopting a horizontal position in such a way that the hands touch the ground and proceed to perform push-ups with it. This exercise is intense and perfect for the chest. It could be supplemented by adding some extra weight to the back. That way we increase the difficulty.

However, on its own it is quite demanding. The key is to perform the twelve repetitions in a controlled way. Without getting to perform them too fast, remember that the slower and more controlled the execution of an exercise, the greater results we will achieve. With that we open this biceps and chest routine.

Sitting curls (12 repetitions).

The previous exercise focused on the chest, now we have to work the biceps. The intention of performing the curls sitting is that in this way we can avoid rocking. Same that sometimes we go to be able to cheat in the execution of this exercise. If you are sitting and with your back glued to the chair, we correct that fault.

The movement consists of moving the weight down, it is important to fully extend the elbow. Do not leave it as halfway and then proceed to raise it. If you cannot perform this exercise is because they are resorting to excessive weight, so it is recommended to lower it a little until you can master the technique.

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Chest Press (12 Repetitions).

For this exercise we can place ourselves on the floor or on a mat and take our pair of dumbbells. Once in position this biceps and chest exercise will help us strengthen our muscles, as long as it is done with a weight that we can control. Nothing excessive, but demanding, that is the key to maintaining technique.

In this case the limit to where we will go down will be the floor, since we are not on a bench.

Concentrated curls (12 repetitions).

This exercise does not have many differences with the sitting curls. In escancia it is the same exercise only a little more “Intense”. What makes the difference in this exercise with the previous one is that we will do it resting the arm of the back of a chair. This in order to correct the failure of the balancing that often tends to be committed. And the elevation and extension will be done slowly, taking a small pause when the biceps has contracted when climbing.

If we do everything in a controlled way and without exaggerating the speed. Rest assured that you will feel the work in the biceps. Muscle which is being worked.

In this way we conclude with the writing of this article. Remember that this routine is done in circuit, so after having reached the fourth and last exercise, a one-minute break proceeds and then we start again.


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