Back And Triceps Routine at Home

Back And Triceps Routine At Home

It is important to be consistent in our training. More if our intention is to achieve quick results and in record time. And while for many the current pandemic situation has meant an abrupt closure for the training of many. That does not mean that you cannot train from home, because with the back and triceps routine that we will share today. You would realize how from home you can train just as hard as in a gym, just follow our instructions to feel the hard work.

Back And Triceps Routine At Home

It is worth mentioning that the following routine is exclusive to gain muscle mass. Well, some exercises can be intensified using weights or some object that replaces them. If your interest lies in losing weight, unfortunately this routine will not be of great help, however it does not hurt to take the time to know it.

We also invite you to read our article on “Arm Exercises – How to Do Arm Exercises”. Well, the information expressed their complements the routine that is shared in this publication. Without further ado, let’s start with the list of exercises for this intense back and triceps routine at home.

Back circuit and triceps at home.

This routine consists of performing a circuit of back and triceps exercises. What the circuit means must be done approximately four to five laps, and no rest is taken until the end of a lap. With that in mind, let’s know what are the exercises that make up this circuit.

Rowing (12 repetitions).

We started this strong back and triceps routine with the oars. Exercise which we can perform taking some weight, it can be a couple of bottles of soap or if you have a set of dumbbells at home much better. Already with the weight to use in hand, what proceeds is to adopt the correct posture for this exercise … It consists of a slight inclination of the knees, and the back, taking as a guide that our weight is located at the same height of the knees. Make sure your chest is upright.

With the correct posture, what proceeds is to raise the weight in a controlled way, until reaching an approximate height of the ribs.

Background (12 repetitions).

Being a back and triceps routine, we will be constantly interspersed between muscles. In this case the work corresponds to the last… To make the funds correctly. We will need to be close to a chair or failing some elevated surface that allows us to lower and raise our body with our arms.

The exercise does not present major difficulty in terms of its realization, because as such it is simple and comfortable to do. The important thing is that you make sure you feel the work in the triceps, if you are not feeling something you are doing wrong.

High Rowing (12 repetitions).

This exercise is very similar to the first one we shared. Well, in essence the same technique and posture is maintained. Except that the difference between the high oar and the normal oar is the position of our arms.

As you can see in the image, the arms will be placed in the form of “L” (ele) lying down. From our shoulders, pointing to the ground. In this way when we do the weight lift, we will feel the work in the entire upper back. Unlike the previous one where we felt the work on the sides and lower area.

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Triceps kick (12 repetitions).

We return to attention on the triceps with this exercise. The posture to be adopted is similar to previous exercises. Except now we must tilt our torso a little more forward. Leaving the back straight, with the chest out and the buttocks also outward. Be careful with the inclination of the knees, because these will allow the position to be achieved comfortably.

Once we understand how the posture is, what proceeds is to perform a “kick” with the arms. Pulling his hand back. This is how you can work the triceps, receiving the help of the weight you carry in hand.

Superman (12 reps).

To finish this back and triceps routine, we will culminate by strengthening the lowest area of our back with this exercise. For this we must take our chest to the floor, we can use a mat so as not to lie on the rigid floor. Once there you have to stretch your arms to the front and leave the tips of your feet touching the ground.

Understanding the posture, what proceeds is to gently lift the entire torso upwards. What will allow pressure on the lumbar.


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