Arms And Their Exercise Routines

Arms And Their Exercise Routines

When someone asks you which part of the body is the most common to be exercised, one would easily say the arms.

Arms And Their Exercise Routines

Who wouldn’t want to have strong arms? Everyone loves having or witnessing strong biceps, one can clearly conclude that the other muscles are also well worked. Although there is a high probability that only the arms are well worked and the other parts of the body are only normal.

It is a bit normal that a person when exercising from home, will only do a specific part in order to gain some physical attractiveness or appearance. This can become common with those who already have a middle adulthood. In addition, training your body like this is not good since you can see something strange, imagine seeing someone with good arms. But it has a belly that will surprise you and ask if that person is really exercising, or that a person has incredible arms. But that your legs are thin and not at all toned. It is better to exercise all over the body, since in an orderly way your muscles will gain shape normally. And that on exercise days you focus on 2 parts of the body that are of a single one.

If you want to do your own exercise routine or add several exercises to your routine, then do not worry because in this article you will know several exercises for arms that you may not know. But before you start with this article, we would love very much for you to read this other article that has some relation to what you are about to read right now “How to Lower Arm Fat”.

Biceps curl with straight bar

This exercise is very important in order to get a good benefit in order to activate the biceps, since this is an isolation exercise. You must have a good one, having to strive so that our shoulders do not throw forward and that our back does not go backwards.

Having a good concentration is also important, you should not be in a hurry to finish it, because in the end you will not be able to see the benefit, since you could not exercise our muscles. Squeeze your buttocks and abdomen in order to have a good balance and stability. And so, we won’t be able to get an injury to our back.

As for the grip, this must be important, it can be supine or prone, anyway, each grip will depend on what type of muscle in particular you want to exercise.

Triceps dips

This exercise is very simple, but still the result is very good, this helps you to enhance the muscles of your triceps well. When you are going to do it, you will only need a low table or a chair for better comfort. After positions with your back to the chair, and you will place your hands on the seat and your fingers should be towards you. In that same position, you will start by flexing your elbows and then lower your body with your back (it must be well erect) And finally you will return to your original position, pushing your chair down.

This exercise can be made more difficult, you just have to put your feet farther, and by doing this you will notice that the exercise is more difficult. You just have to be very careful when you bend your elbows to your sides, it is much better to take them back.

Shoulder press

This is a good exercise to tone your arms. Also, this exercise can be known as military press. Here you will be standing, you will slightly bend your knees to hold your dumbbells (you can also use a bottle) in each hand to bring them to the height of your ears. Then you are going to push them in an upward direction, it has to be above your head, making your arms are extended completely. And finally, you go back to the starting position and repeat the same process.

If you are going to do this exercise, you should keep in mind that you need to completely avoid having to arch your back a lot. Since it can hurt a little, and if you want to do it in a seat, the back must also remain upright, and in this case stuck to the back of the chair.

In this article I just wanted to mention several that maybe are not in many exercise routines for arms, if none of this interest you, do not worry you can keep looking. And maybe you will find another exercise that works for a different routine that you have “How to do push-ups”


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