Abs Routine at Home

Abs Routine At Home

If attractive muscles are involved, the dispute is carried between the pectorals and the abdomen. Today in we will take care of sharing with our readers a routine of powerful abs to bring out the attractiveness of this area in your body. And you know what’s best? That it is a homemade routine, so it will not be necessary to leave the comfort of your home to be able to train. If you are interested in knowing in detail how this routine is constituted, stay until the end of this post, we guarantee that you do not have any loss.

Abs Routine At Home

The first thing you have to keep in mind before starting the routine is that it works as a circuit. That the list of exercises that we will share below should be done in a running way and without rest, and only at the end of the first set (or round). You can take a break of 45 seconds before proceeding with the next set by repeating each exercise. Doing between 4 to 5 sets is more than enough. In addition, it is strongly recommended to accompany this routine with a diet rich in protein or to lose weight, depending on your goal.

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Exercises that make up the abdominal routine in circuit.

The following list describes the important points that must be taken into consideration for a correct execution of the exercise. In addition to identifying the number of repetitions that should be given.

Crunch (12 repetitions).

For the execution of this exercise, we must place our back on the floor, you can use a quilt to not feel the rigidity of the floor and to be able to make the movement more comfortable. Once on the ground, what proceeds is to pick up the legs so that our knees are elevated, and start making the movement.

As simple as trying to touch the ceiling with your hands, we go up and down, the climb can be done by taking an impulse with the arms, but downhill it is important to do it slowly, controlling the tension in the abdomen. This exercise can be complemented by giving a complete rise of the torso to the knees, and the next only bending the upper abdomen. If this exchange is made, the repetition will be valid only when both exercises have been executed.

Leg Lifts (12 repetitions).

Even if you move off the floor, you have to put your hands under your buttocks. And position your legs completely straight to the floor. The technique consists of raising the legs until they are perpendicular to the floor. And then go down, WATCH OUT! When going down do not lower your legs completely, stop for a moment halfway and then raise your legs again to be perpendicular to the ground and finally lower them slowly.

While it seems like a complicated exercise, the truth is that it is not, it is just a matter of you trying to realize it. Remember that this is an alternating exercise, so a repetition will only be counted when you have climbed, lowered to the middle, climbed again and culminated with the descent. Always try to make the movement in a slow and controlled way.

Crunch variant (12 repetitions).

The third exercise of this abdominal routine is a variant of the first. E which we can call “Short Crunch”. We will raise our legs a little, almost as if we were sitting, but on the floor. And with the hands located behind the nape of the neck, we will try to contract the upper abdomen.

Remember that the pressure or force should be felt in the area you work, that is. In the upper abdomen, nothing to be doing force with the neck, if after doing the exercise your neck hurts more than the abdomen, it is because you executed the exercise badly.

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Iron (45 seconds).

To finish the abdominal routine at home, we must close the circuit with 30 seconds of ironing. This exercise does not consist of making any movement, on the contrary, you should only adopt the posture present in the image and try to concentrate the pressure of the body on the abdomen. It seems harmless or absurd, but the truth is that you will feel how your abdomen burns during those 30 seconds.

In this way we culminate with the writing of this article, and we close the abdominal routine. Remember that after completing a lap you rest for 45 seconds and then repeat the exercises until you do 4 or 5 laps. If you found it interesting and want to develop it at home, go ahead! We will be those who prevent it. We also want to add that the credits for the images used in this article belong directly to the youtube channel Gim Topz.

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